Gun Laws

The bump stock attached to an AR rifle. (Photo: Eve Flanigan/ Texas-based Slide Fire says the financial institution that processed transactions for its online store is holding “hostage” more than $1.6 million in an effort to force the gun accessory maker into a less favorable business agreement. By withholding the funds, Utah-based Merrick Bank Corporation
The Clark County Board resolution passed last week argues a number of proposed gun control bills backed by state lawmakers violate people’s constitutional rights. (Photo: Clark County Court Reporter’s office) The County Board of Clark County in southeastern Illinois on Friday passed a resolution to oppose a long list of pending gun control bills and
The gun industry’s largest trade association hopes Congress will intervene after an Intuit payment policy left an Arizona dealer unpaid for sales made at his store. Larry Keane, vice president of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, told Thursday the credit processing company went too far when it reversed charges for items sold at gun-related stores
Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership said this week many physicians support the Second Amendment — despite what the American Medical Association recommends. Dr. Robert Young, a practicing psychiatrist and editor for DRGO, told Wednesday the AMA’s recent call for more gun control on Capitol Hill isn’t surprising, even if it’s misguided. “Jumping aboard progressive
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