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Hunting over a food plot will not only increase your odds of success, it will provide more deer sightings, excellent placement trail cameras, and after your successful harvest, you’ll still be providing plenty of food and nutrition, which benefits the remaining deer population. Depending on your geographic location, different foods are local and on occasion more attractive to the local population, but some are universally popular among whitetails, brassicas is one of the best.

Mineral supplements are a magnet for bucks and does of all age classes. Loaded with vital nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium for antler development and reproductive health, Rack-Up Trophy Class from Evolved Habitats contains more than twice the minerals of most competing products. It’s available in both powdered and concentrated liquid forms.

Brassicas are a family of fast-growing leafy-green forage annuals that include turnips, beets, rapes, and kales. In addition to their highly palatable and digestible tops, some—such as turnips and beets—also produce attractive root crops. Cool-season brassicas remain green and upright throughout the winter, and are heavily used by deer wherever they exist. In addition to providing critical late-season forage, their cold-season hardiness, sweetness (which increases with cooling temperatures) and high protein content make them an ideal choice for hunting plots.

Evolved Harvest is just one of the great brands that offers hunters and wildlife managers a variety of high-performance forage-grade Brassica seed blends. One popular example is Evolved Shot Plot, an exceptionally fast-growing, high protein forage turnip / forage rape blend that’s ideal for late-season hunting plots, while providing loads of critical nutrition for deer during the winter hardship period. When properly planted and managed, each 10-lb. bag of Shot Plot seed is capable of producing an astounding 16 tons of forage.


The forage-grade turnips contained in Shot Plot provide deer with a double-dose of attraction and nutrition. Like most brassicas, the leafy turnip tops progressively convert their starches into sugars as they grow and mature—becoming especially sweet after the first few frosts. They’ll remain sweet, palatable and highly digestible long into winter when other food sources become much more scarce, ensuring they’ll be hit hard by deer. The second form of forage comes from the taproots (turnips) just below the ground’s surface. Deer know these energy bombs are there, and will eagerly dig them up—even when covered by deep snow—providing an excellent source of late-season nutrition to help deer precisely when they need it most.

Shot Plot’s high-yield rapes are simple to grow, producing loads of leafy-green nutrition that deer crave. Reaching heights up to 24” just 45 days after planting, this fast-growing high-quality vegetation also gets sweeter with age – helping ensure that your Shot Plot hunting plot reaches its peak attraction during the hunting season.

Pour seed from a bag of Evolved Habitat AlphaPlot

If planting multiple food plots, experiment with different blends on different plots to see which yield the best results. Advanced blends such as Evolved Harvest’s Alpha Plot include two clover varieties, southern-tolerant hybrid alfalfa, drought-resistant chicory, and T-Raptor, an early maturing forage turnip/rape hybrid that’s extremely high in crude protein.

Evolved Harvest Shot Plot

  • Fast-growing, high protein annual brassicas
  • Forage turnip / forage rape blend
  • Provides sweet forage that grows up to 24” tall in just 45 days
  • Cold weather increases foliage sugar content, greatly increasing attraction
  • Coverage: 2 acres / 87,120 sq. ft.
  • MSRP: $39.99

Hunters who have planted or hunted over brassicas know how effective these sweet, late-season forage cultivars are at attracting deer. Shot Plot’s fast-growing, high-yield blend of turnips and rapes will attract deer for hunting while providing the critical nutrition they need during late fall and winter. Shot Plot is easy to grow following basic food plot procedures. Plant Shot Plot in the late summer to early fall for maximum deer attraction during the hunting season.

Do you plant food plots? Share your favorite seed or supplement and food plot strategy in the comment section.


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