Citibank implements new policy requirements for partnering gun dealers

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Citi announces new policies for gun-selling clients. (Photo: Citi/Facebook)

Citibank announced this week it will cut ties with partnering businesses unwilling to adopt new policies for selling firearms.

Dealers large and small wishing to do business with Citi must place age restrictions on gun sales, ban bump stocks and high capacity magazines and refuse to complete transactions when buyers fail background checks, Executive Vice President Ed Skylar, of Citi’s Global Public Affairs, said Thursday.

“It is not centered on an ideological mission to rid the world of firearms. That is not what we seek,” he said in a blog post on the company’s website. “There are millions of Americans who use firearms for recreational and other legitimate purposes, and we respect their Constitutional right to do so. But we want to do our part as a company to prevent firearms from getting into the wrong hands.”

It’s unclear which business and gun makers will be impacted by the new policies, but Skylar said Citi will perform “its due diligence in initiating those conversations.”


Citibank’s new policies follow a corporate backlash against perceived lax gun laws in the wake of the Valentine’s Day shooting in Parkland, Florida. Leadership at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart, L.L. Bean and Kroger all adopted stricter gun sales policies — similar to Citi’s new requirements — as a response to inaction on Capitol Hill.

“We know that the actions we are taking today will invite passion on both sides,” Skylar said. “We don’t have the perfect solution but we have come to the conclusion that we must do our part to keep guns out of the hands of those who wish to do harm. And we hope our actions help achieve that vital goal.”

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    1. Here is the deal. I have had a Citi Bank credit card for a very long time. It would be a great inconvenience to go to someone else. But I refuse to do business with those who try to assault the 2nd amendment. It is already a crime to complete a firearm transaction with someone who fails a back ground check. It makes no difference in magazine capacity with a practiced operator. Some guy at Citi Bank sitting at his desk came up with some ideas and probably has no clue.

    2. well its easy to say ban something when youre a banker on wall st, looking out a window all day thinking how to screw the working people of this country. gun laws serve those who ride in armorede limo*s
      and dont forget the bodyguards that every anti gun progressive has to do there dirty work.its truly a sad when a parasite like citi bank media sluts and rest the progressive communityuse there form of trickle down on the majority of those that make this country great.remember to do business with a local bank, shop at family own stores.because citi group trickle has strong smell ammonia to it
      god bless you all and save the republic

  1. LIberal New York City bankers continuing the assault on the 2nd amendment. I think the Bank should not get into politics.As long as buyers and sellers are legal, it is none of the banks business what they are buying or selling. This kind of nonsense is how the 2nd amendment dies. Little by l;ittle more and more restrictions are coming. Firearms will be legal, but you won’t be able to buy them with all these local and national restrictions.

    1. What do you expect from N.Y. City? N.Y has a COMMUNIST for a mayor In the “city”, and a CORRUPT “dictator” for a “governor”, that “royally decrees” new “laws” in the dead of night.
      DEMOCOMMUNISTS need to be ALL voted OUT of “office”, but as long as the “free stuff” and “promises” keep flowing from the commiecrats, and allowing illegal immigrants (the new GULLIBLE “residents” of the democommunist “plantation”) to VOTE, NOTHING will change.

      1. The actual quote which is attributed to Mayer Amschel Rothschild is: Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!Mar 6, 2013

        1. I’ve had my pistol license since I was 21 I’m 64 now I grew up in New York City thank God I never had to use it I will be damned as some liberal Democrat tells me I can’t all myself to protect myself oh my family you got to get rid of the politicians especially New York

      2. You can stop making guns in the next 2000 years if a bad guy wants a gun he will get a gun I’ve had my pistol permit since I was 21 I’m 64 now thank God I never had to use it I will be damned if some liberal Democrat tells me I can all
        Just about everybody got indicted except Cuomo in New York City and DeBlasio was indicted what happened to that you need to get rid of both of them I think Tom Selleck would be a good candidate for Senator of New York

    2. They have done this before. Cancelled a major distributor account who did over $75k a month. I and others followed by canceling any city bank acct and never doing business with them again.

  2. Nice attempt to disguise your true intentions. Your actions WILL NOT keep guns from the wrong people BUT will negatively impact small businesses. Due to your shortsightedness I will be strongly supporting an immediate Boycott of Citi Bank and it’s subsidiaries. Your business is now in direct violation of the Constitutions 2nd Amendment and I will help everyone I can to understand this. Targeting the Gun industry through a back door is a very gutless way to do business in my opinion. Your immediate attention to this issue will be greatly appreciated.

  3. Totally agree! It is not their business to make laws or rules against the Constitution nor to tell us how and where to spend our money. Those age groups affected are certainly expected to bear arms for the nation but cannot purchase them even though no proof exists than the ages involved have anything to do with risk. This is liberal executives interfering with 2nd amendment rights! Stop dealing with Citi or the companies limited out rights if you can.

  4. Why not say, no firearms allowed into a bank by any law abiding citizen, police included. Welcome all criminals, we are gun free.

  5. Lax gun laws had nothing to do with the Parkland shooting. Lack of due diligence on the part of the FBI and local officials was the main contributing factor. The kid was a known head case. Heck, even a school official who saw him walking toward the building quickly identified him as a problem. And let’s not forget the coward leo that stood his ground outside as he thought the shots were coming from outside the building. Really? What a lame excuse. You want to recognize a real hero? How about the French policeman who traded himself for hostages yesterday and ultimately was killed by the terrorist scum. That officer is a hero.

    1. There was more than ONE that “cowered” behind their cars. In my opinion, they were “instructed” to “stand down” for maximum carnage, so the “gun control” narrative could be pushed some more.
      DEMOCOMMUNISTS do NOT care how many innocent lives are lost, to them, they are acceptable “collateral damage” to push their ANTI-GUN , ANTI AMERICAN, COMMUNIST “agenda” for complete disarmament of LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS to get more “CONTROL” over the masses.
      Anyone out here that has any knowledge of History should KNOW what happens after the people are disarmed and left helpless against a TYRANNICAL “government”….ANNIHILATION.
      Think about it! History repeating itself right here in the U.S.A.

      1. Agreed. American lives are expendable to disarm law abiding Americans. It’s a black ops conspiracy. Since Democrats lost the WH, they have an agenda to kill Americans to get what they want. Totalitarian socialists can’t get what they want except by death.

    2. During the Parkland shooting an assistant coach named Albert Feis threw himself between the shooter and his victims. He was shot to death. I post this homage to Feis who was a hero. He had a legal carry license in Florida but couldn’t carry in school. I’ll wager that he would have shot that killer to death. I would have.

  6. Banks are private business concerns and have the right to implement what ever policies they wish. By the same token independent gun shops can offer credit terms to their customers as well. Federal law prohibits the transfer of any firearm until a background check has been completed and this background check cannot be completer until the firearm is completely paid for Think of it as a lay-a-way plan the only problem is storage of unclaimed firearms and the liability should they be stolen. But then again in this litigious nation no one is immune from litigation as the Leftopathic Deep State Globalists want to sue gun manufacturers for misuse of the products they no longer retain control over

  7. SEE ya Citi bank……Ask Seattle how their gun and bullet tax worked out for them. You idiots just don’t get it. We will take our money elsewhere and won’t accept checks from customers written on your bank. It works both ways.

    1. Absolutely, I’m in the process of paying off and closing all of my Citi cards. I suggest everyone else do the same. The Silent Majority is more powerful than the lame, touchy-feely, cause-of-the-month, Anti-America, DemoRats!!!

    2. BINGO ! We only hope those businesses will go else where, but as is indicated above some have fallen lock step with the requirements. So my suggestion is that the citizens that find Citibank reprehensible close their accounts Credit Cards, Savings, and Checking, and transfer loans to alternative sources.

    3. C V , Good move. —-Citibank has THUMBED THEIR NOSE at legal, law abiding GUN COMPANIES, DEALERS, and OWNERS .
      Lets do the same for them. REFUSE any and every item connected to CITIBANK and inform the other party, exactly why you are doing so.
      I wonder how this much feedback this will STARTLE the upper bank’s management.

  8. I spent 25+ years in the military fighting for the people’s rights to keep and bear arms. In that full amount of time I never saw a gun (or weapon) fire itself. Guns don’t KILL people, PEOPLE kill people. I also spent another 14 years enforcing the law so I think I know a little bit about guns. They don’t fire themselves.

  9. Citi bank just lost another customer. Switching today. Further i’ll not accept checks or cards from citi.
    The lines are being clearly drawn, just as our country has seen in its earlier days. Time fo refresh the tree of freedom.

  10. Another sucker Commie bank to boycott! Just wonder if they gave a huge amount of money to finance the Democrat Muppet march today along with Soros,Bloomberg and other crazy leftist Commie agenda pushers? Probably! Hope Citibank quits sending their credit card offers as they are on the suck list!

    1. If they send you a credit card offer just stuff all the crappola they send in their postage paid envelope and send it back to them . I do that almost every day with some unsolicited junk mail I receive .

    2. BRUCE,When I receive junk mail from “GUN HATER COMPANIES, ” I fill the RETURN ,POSTAGE PAID, ENVELOPE, with as much TRASH as I can find, and MAIL it back to them. It has worked well for —— AARP—-
      “ANTI AMERICAN REGURGITATED POPPYCOCK” . ——-They are a GUN-HATING . cabal , and I have NEVER given them “ONE THIN DIME”.

      1. Wrap a brick like a package and securely tape the return address label to it. Just make sure your return address isn’t on it. That way they will send you more applications.

  11. I just went into Costco and got a new membership card so that I could cancel my citibank visa card which is the co-branded card Costco uses. When the girl asked why I was going to cancel the visa I explained it to her; she shook her head and said under her breath…”idiots!”

    Every little bit helps.

  12. As a business they have no right dictating what People do with their money or spend it, They are not above the constitution of these United States Of America

    1. As a private business they do have the right to do business with whomever they choose. Unless of course they are Christian owned and don’t want to provide a wedding cake for a gay couple then the government and leftist will crush them.

      On same respect we have right to refuse business with Citibank or anyone else who feels they need to enact their own discriminatory business practices that disregard the law.

      However if they do business with the government they must follow current laws on the books or face lose of government contracts.

  13. Is this the big “thank you” from Citi Bank after taxpayer money was used to bail them out in 2008?

    So you want to keep firearms out of the wrong hands. That’s pretty vague. Care to be more specific who you are referring to?

    Criminals are already prohibited from purchasing and possessing guns. How many criminals use a credit card to purchase a firearm? How many criminals buy their gun from a FFL dealer?

    How does attempting to force the compliance of gun manufacturers and sellers to your “rules”, achieve your stated goal?

    This is the standard tactic of going after the law-abiding to stop criminal activity. Apparently it is difficult to understand that this paradox does not work.

  14. I just cancelled my visa card with Citibank over the phone while reading this article. We need to no longer give our business to those who fight against our 2nd Amendment rights. Businesses that have cut off the NRA, we need not use them either. No more Delta or United Airlines for me. I think the NRA should give us a complete list of who dropped the NRA so we can boycott these businesses.

  15. I started around 1965 with a credit card that through mergers wound up as Citi Bank card ,
    and it was a good card. Under the present circumstances we will now part company. As long as my credit is good I do not want my credit card telling me where and on what I spend my
    money . Myself as only one individual cannot do to much , but collectively we can put the hurt where it needs to go .

  16. So they need to do the same thing for alcohol and tobacco products. BATF links them all into the same category, and I would argue alcohol and tobacco ruin more lives than firearms.

  17. CITI BANK could just say that they support Federal Firearms Licensees (FFL’s) who follow their licensing requirements. That is a positive message. As I understand it, FFL’s may be sued if they refuse to sell a long rifle to anyone 18 to 21 for age discrimination under current laws (Federal and Local). If the ATF rules that bump stocks should be an National Firearms Act item, only Class III Dealers may sell it as a restricted item. I think the ATF has yet to rule?

  18. Its none of Citibank’s business. They’re attempting to inject their rules into the businesses that deal with them? Tell Citibank to take a flying leap.

  19. I agree with JDM and I am old enough to remember the signs on the doors of businesses that read “we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone” that being said citibank has that right so, as a consumer I reserve the same right, I will cancel the card with the citibank logo on it and never do business with them. We are slipping to far away from the wonderful free country our founders fought and died for and the second amendment is the one constitutional right that should never be compromised.

  20. I am very much against publicly held corporations making policies or contributing anything to political parties/candidates. The CEO and boards have no right to make these kinds of policies that may or may not be counter to their stakeholders (shareholders, etc.).

    Regarding this current move by Citibank, they need to rescind it immediately. All Citibank needs to do is require businesses and organizations to follow federal law or else they will not do business with them.

    As for me, I am planning to cancel my personal and company credit cards and move my bank accounts elsewhere.

  21. I’m a law abiding citizen of the United States born and raised.I’m a Vietnam combat veteran. I’m a NEW Life Member.
    Can you point to any one thing your new policy could do to have prevented the horrible school shooting in Florida?
    If use some in-depth analysis you’ll find there are already sufficient laws on the books. It was the failure of Federal, state, county and local government and law enforcement.
    With all the efforts to discriminate against 18 to 20 years old, denying them their Constitutional Rights, I take offence. I served along side many men in this age group, some who died defending our nation from Communism. This is an insult to those individuals.
    Rest assured, I’ll not patronize your business. And I encourage every Freedom loving American to follow suit.

  22. Sounds a little like extortion or unfair business practices. Maybe a class action lawsuit should be opened and Trump should enact a federal law imposing restrictions on businesses that practice these type assaults on the second amendment or any other rights we have.

  23. Citibank has every right to conduct business as they see fit. And we, as customers have every right to take our business elsewhere. Its time for all patriots to stand together, shoulder to shoulder, and move in lock step as a Tsunami AWAY from this DemoRat banking institution. We absolutely positively must move as one enormous block and make our actions speak much louder than words. Remember, that famous slogan, “IF WE DON’T STAND TOGETHER, WE WILL ALL HANG SEPARATELY”!!!!!!

  24. I have never read such a bunch of misinformed and low information nonsense in my life. Every one is a commie or a pinko fascist if you disagree with them. Have any of you people ever read a serious book or listened once in any of your history classes? I think you are all angry because you are not educated when you could have been and blame everyone else for your failures.
    Time to grow up and suck it up.
    No wonder we have a bozo as president. You all swallowed his flim
    flam snake oil lies as he kept on raping and abusing women. You get the government you deserve. You have elected the TV watching celebrity. Good luck with that!

  25. Don’t forget to check who’s behind your other credit cards when you’re looking to boycott CITI.
    Home Depot credit services is supplied by CITI also. Check the back of your credit cards if you have one provided by another company like BoatUS uses Bank of America etc.

  26. How is that even legal, making other companies do what they think they should do. Just because they believe that’s the way it should be they shouldn’t be allowed to shove their beliefs down their customers throat or else. So what if a gun store has their mortgage thru their company how can they just foreclose on their loan if they are paying like they should they should be sued out of fu@#ing business

  27. This so called policy shows you how ignorant the ones who came up with it are, no transaction can be completed unless the buyer passes the background check period, the licensed seller would lose his license and go to prison if caught but this is more liberal pontification and hype to stir more gun control. I once had a Citibank card and they took money from me and I closed the account end of story, I have no use for such large corps. that use people and obviously have socialist running the place. They are a financial institution and have no business in the law making arena. If they raise the age for buying gun then they should also raise the voting age since they do not feel the kids are responsible enough to own guns then they should also not be involved in making policy.

  28. I intend to cut up my Home Depot Citibank issued credit card. I will be sending it to Home Depot’s corporate office and let them know why I no longer want it. Should they decide to choose another bank, I would be happy to once again be a customer.

  29. I will not support any financial institution or any business that wants to strip legal age persons of the right to purchase firearms. There are plenty of restrictions and requirements already in place to prevent those that shouldn’t have access to guns. What is needed is enforcement of those laws..not more laws.

    I have been using my Citi card from Costco almost exclusively for years. I will be cancellilng that card soon for a better one that is not as politically active as Citi.

  30. Let’s refuse to do business with the FBI because they dropped the ball when alerted twice about Parkland and let’s refuse to do business with the IRS because they went after the Tea Party because Obama thought they were a political enemy. Trump needs to fire all the top brass from the Obama administration at these corrupt bureaucracies like right now!

  31. Excuse me!! But these tactics being used by left wing utopia visions of how the world should be. Sounds a lot like me to BLACKMAIL!!! On the part of some people in the financial community, and the businesses that must rely on these bankers to process their credit card purchases. I also believe that BLACKMAIL!! is against the law. As well as using this type of pressure tactics to force their compliance in this scheme. Which is being used to deny others of their rights under the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. It is long past time to put these right wing IDIOTS!! in their place.

  32. As well as the left wingers who are the biggest backers of these measures. By right wingers I am referring to the RINO’s.

  33. Citibank is all screwed up, Changing the age limit will not help (keep it 18 – 21) – history shows that most shootings were done by people over 21……. The Background (With Law Enforcement & Medical input) has to increased to (1) Month waiting period to buy a gun. Wake up America – don’t let the Liberals and the Democrats rule you…….

  34. I don’t have much to say for City Bank except good bye I don’t need your Bank looking forward to doing banking some where else.

  35. I like most of the other quotes think citibank can tongue the anal cavity of pro gun costumers looking for business since they believe dropping a load of crap on us will make a difference in stopping evil people from doing evil things. It won’t! They know it as well as we do. This whole shit show kicked up about guns is all smoke and mirrors BULLSHIT! Citibank just so happens to be at the heart of the problem. As this attack against the minds of the masses to manipulate public opinion against guns with fake mass killings is being brought to America by the Communist Jews who run the central banks (fed reserve) of the world. They are the power behind the agenda for a Jew World Order. So I for one am saying F OFF to all these Jew banks and will using cryptos & local credit unions as well as physical metals (gold & sliver) to make my little world not support their trick banking schemes anymore and to show my distaste for the evil intentions & acts…

  36. Time to call for a complete boycott of Citibank and it’s holdings. Citibank is evidently anti Bill of Rights, which means they support the Democrat Socialist Party. So shut them down by cutting ties with them if you are a supporter of the Bill of Rights. We are in a Cold Civil War with the Democrat Socialists and have been since the election of Bath House Barry in 2008. Since Donald Trump was elected it has heated up. We are at the point where you are either 100% pro Bill of Rights and with the Freedom loving Americans or you are 100% anti Bill of Rights and a supporter of the Democrat Socialists. There is no in between in this. Any business that does not support the Bill of Rights needs to be boycotted.

  37. ROFLMAO….while I don’t care about most of it, the first thing is the kid wasn’t using high capacity mags and who needs Citibank anyway. I quit using thieving banks a long time ago.

  38. I think that all the big shots should have to give up their well armed security!!! Then we can talk about gun control.

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