Double Shoot app offers zeroes, scoring and comparisons for shooters

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The Double Shoot app allows shooters to zero in targets as well as track progress. (Photo: Double Shoot via Instagram)

A new smartphone app known as Double Shoot aims to offer quick zeroes, scoring and comparisons for shooters on a variety of weapon platforms.

Able to be used alongside rifles and even machine guns, the smartphone app streamlines the zeroing process through data-based analysis. Using a restricted web interface, information is available to individuals and instructors in addition to whole units and staff. Meant for police and military, the app can work in airplane mode on both Apple and Android devices.

The app works for both iOS and Android devices. (Photo: Double Shoot via Instagram)


Double Shoot offers accurate weapon zeroing, according to the company, that mentors shooters while also offering valuable data that saves times and resources on the range.

“Designed for the military and law enforcement, this application – utilizing today’s most advanced technologies – is smart and easy to use. It reduces the amount of time and ammunition needed to properly zero weaponry by 30-50-percent, significantly lowering the costs and manpower required at shooting ranges, and immediately creating a smart shooting range out of any shooting range,” CEO Oren Avman said in a press release.

The app has received a Certificate of Patent in Israel and has filed for an international patent application.

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