Police Chief Suspended For Liking Trump & NRA Tweets Bullied Into Apology To Keep Job

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South Hadley, Mass.-( Holyoke College and Smith College place Police Chief Daniel Hect on administrative leave for liking tweets from the NRA and President Trump.

The Massachusetts Colleges placed Police Chief Hect on administrative leave before he had the chance even to start the job after students found his Twitter account. The career law enforcement official announced on his Twitter that he took the new position for the joint campus.

“I am excited to announce I have accepted the position of Chief of Police at Mount Holyoke and Smith colleges, two of the most prestigious all women’s institutions in the nation,” read the tweeted.

Once students found his Twitter, they became outraged that Hect was an apparent Trump supporter and a member of the NRA. Students called his conservative beliefs “red flags” that should disqualify him from serving in law enforcement on the campuses.

One student tweeted “show his dangerous support of Trump, as well as anti-immigration (specifically latinx immigrants) and pro-gun sentiments” and declared that Hect “cannot keep this community safe.”

Before coming to Mount Holyoke and Smith colleges, Hect served at Xavier University as their director of public safety and chief of police. He has in the past also had a stellar career at Denison University.

At Denison University, Hect made significant inroads in building a bond between the police and the community. He sat in on club meetings and got to know the students. He was planning on bringing the same community policing to Mount Holyoke College and Smith College.

Mount Holyoke College President Sonya Stephens decided to place Hect on administrative leave. She announced the decision to students and staff via email.

“Over the past few weeks, members of our community have expressed concerns about the ability of Chief Daniel to develop the level of trust required to engage in community policing,” the email read.

On March 19th, Mount Holyoke College hosted a forum where students could ask the incoming police chief questions. The goal of the discussion was to alleviate students concerns about Hect.

Mount Holyoke College and Smith College
Mount Holyoke College and Smith College

Heck was forced to humble himself to keep his job. He apologized to the panel for liking Trump’s Tweets calling it a “huge mistake.” Hect also had to state to students that he did not support the President of the United States.

“Donald Trump’s viewpoints do not represent our country very well,” Hect said. “When [Trump] did something that I thought he did well, I wanted to like [his tweets in reference to those successes] in hopes to lead to more good behavior. I do not support Donald Trump. The hate that comes out of the White House is not okay.”

Students also focused on his liking of Tweets by the NRA. Students seemed outraged that he liked the NRA’s Tweet wishing people a “Merry Christmas.” Ignorant students appeared to lecture at Hect instead of asking him real questions.

“You seem to understand racism as a result of individual bad people,” said one student. “Racism is systemic. It is perpetuated by individuals, but it’s not the result of individual bad people.”

The 30-year law enforcement officer implied that the students taught him about his bias.

“I am taking steps to address this bias,” Hect said. “I didn’t see it until people pointed it out, to be honest….[but] I take ownership of that, and that’s one of the reasons why I’ve taken those posts down.”

MHC President Sonya Stephens appointed Deputy Police Chief Ray LaBarre as the Acting Chief of Campus Police.

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