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Radical Left In America: Sowers Of Death & Destruction

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“The current generation now sees everything clearly, it marvels at the errors, it laughs at the folly of its ancestors, not seeing that this chronicle is all overscored by divine fire, that every letter of it cries out, that from everywhere the piercing finger is pointed at it, at this current generation; but the current generation laughs and presumptuously, proudly begins a series of new errors, at which their descendants will also laugh afterwards.” ~ Nikolai Gogol, (born March 31, 1809; died March 4, 1852); Russian Dramatist; quotation from Gogol’s seminal satire on imperial Russian venality, vulgarity, and pomp, “Dead Souls.”

The radical Left in the USA acts like petulant children. Ever disdainful of our Nation’s rich cultural and historical and ethical heritage, and contemptuous of the profundity of the sacred Document upon which our Nation has been structured and upon which the foundation of our Nation securely rests, this radical Left, ascribing to the tenets of Collectivism, peevishly, presumptuously, presumes it knows better than the framers how a Nation ought to be structured, and how a Nation ought to be governed. This extremist left-wing Marxist element in our Nation exhibits no restraint as it dares to tamper with the U.S. Constitution that the framers, through their blood, through their selfless sacrifice, lovingly bequeathed to their descendants—this Nation’s proud citizenry.

Cult of Collectivism

And what is this extremist alien Marxist element that would upend our Nation? It is a heterogeneous horde of unrepentant Dead Souls. These Dead Souls adhere to the tenets of Collectivism. Collectivism embraces a set of principles completely at odds with that set of principles inherent in our Constitution—principles predicated on the philosophical concept and tenets of Individualism that the radical Left contemptuously spurns. Convinced of the absolute infallibility of its beliefs—ever prey to delusions of grandeur—the radical Left exhibits rancor toward the founders of our Nation, as they go about unceremoniously, indiscriminately, rapaciously destroying and ravaging the monuments to our forebears.


These Dead Souls operate with rabid ferocious, feverish, and all too characteristic abandon, yet with clear, cold, callous, calculated purpose, as they are fixated on erasing, annihilating, obliterating our Nation’s rich cultural history and heritage—the totality of our Nation’s ancestral memory. Screaming like maniacal banshees, they denounce those who disagree with them; outrageously daring to cripple or abrogate outright the Articles of our Constitution that constrain Government; and, at one and the same time, they attempt to obliterate the fundamental rights and liberties that ensure our citizenry’s freedoms—all the while proclaiming that this is all for the best.

But all for the best for whom, exactly:

  • For illegal aliens?
  • For convicted felons, gangbangers, and other assorted maniacs, lunatics, sociopaths, and psychopaths? For nihilistic Anarchists, Marxists, Communists, and Socialists?
  • For billionaire neoliberals and Globalists?
  • For obdurate, headstrong, boisterous, teenagers and rowdy college kids, and for the radical instructors and administrators of our educational institutions who urge them on, often joining them in their charges mindless ecstatic escapades?
  • For Hollywood moguls and actors, and for technology company CEOs, who use their wealth and influence heedlessly, arrogantly and self-righteously to attack the U.S. President?
  • For the bureaucrats and their minions in Government, and for those politicians who, having a voracious, insatiable lust for for power, would dare use it to destroy the institution of the U.S. Presidency and bring, as well, dishonor, disrepute to the Government and to the American people for whom, ostensibly, they work?
  • For those publishers, editors, reporters, and commentators of the mainstream media who, hiding behind the First Amendment Freedom of the Press, spew invective and venom, and who hurl epithets incessantly, spitefully at the President?
  • For all those people in America who would dare launch reckless ad hominem attacks against anyone, indeed, everyone, who happens to adhere to a different set of political and philosophical beliefs—

Political and philosophical beliefs that, unlike their own, entail a deep, abiding respect for our Nation’s rich and unique cultural heritage and history, and who revere our Nation’s Constitution, and who venerate our Nation’s founding fathers, and who appreciate our Nation’s Judeo-Christian ethic, and who would rather demonstrate to the world an abiding admiration for, rather than a loathing for, our system of law and jurisprudence, and for our Bill of Rights, and for our institutions, and for our free market economic system that has brought wealth and prosperity to millions of Americans and has made our Nation the envy of the world?

In our Nation, unlike any other nation, it is the American citizenry itself in whom ultimate power and authority resides, guaranteed by private guns.

This is made pointedly and categorically clear, through the right of the people to keep and bear arms—a right that inures in and to the people themselves and not in Government. But, these Collectivists see the Second Amendment, not as a godsend, but as a blemish, an imperfection. In attacking the Second Amendment—and of late, attacking the First Amendment Freedom of Speech, as well—and by attacking our elected President, and by tearing down monuments, and by dishonoring our Nation’s Flag, these Collectivists, these Dead Souls, discredit themselves, as Americans. But, much worse, they bring dishonor to the Nation. And they bring dishonor to the men and women who have given their lives to defend and preserve our Nation and our way of life, since the very birth of our Nation.

By assailing, berating, mocking, and discrediting our Nation, our President, our Constitution, our sacred rights and liberties, our history, our traditions, our core values—all those things that make us Americans, a unique and free people—these Left-wing extremists make jackasses of themselves in the eyes of the world, and, in so doing, would dare draw down the enmity of the world upon our Nation and all of its people. These radical elements in our Nation, these Dead Souls, hypocritically proclaim a moral need to act against the very Nation that has given them sustenance, and that continues, remarkably, to sustain them even as they flail out, rabidly against it.

But, then, these Collectivists, these ghoulish apparitions, who live among us, aren’t really Americans. They have forsaken any right to call themselves Americans, to think of themselves as Americans, as they unconscionably sow disharmony and discord in our Country.


Is this Nation, then, to fall to those who cast aspersions on it, from within the bowels of it. The hideous ghouls who desire to rend the entire fabric of our Nation–a Nation that has stood strong, unconquered, unyielding against external foes, since its birth—ought to deal harshly with these contemptible malcontents. They who hate our Nation and its people and its Constitution must be cast out from it. Perhaps, the EU, whom these ghouls admire so, will take them in. It is evident they wish to see our Nation folded into a new trans-world system of governance, where orders and edicts emanate from Brussels.

These Dead Souls will suffer no one to tell them they are wrong and have been wrong all along, dead wrong. Their agenda serves only to wreak havoc across our Nation. Were they to succeed, they would bring nothing but ruin, desolation, and horror to this Nation and its people; but they don’t care. In their blind rage, it is sadly evident that these Dead Souls want to accomplish just that: to destroy the Nation outright. The fruits of their design are plentiful.

We see their grand design today in their attempt to erase our history; in their attempt to weaken our fundamental rights and liberties; in their desire to redistribute the Nation’s bounty in accordance with the tenets of Marxism; in their dishonor of our Nation’s flag and in their antipathy toward other National emblems and monuments. And we see their insidious design in their stated desire to rewrite the United States Constitution—the foundation and framework of our free Republic.

These ghouls demonstrate, plainly, in their every word and deed, that they disdain the very notion of the United States as an independent Sovereign Nation. Recall Obama, one of their smooth-talking stooges. Ever the apologist, ever emulating the EU, Obama used the Office of the Presidency to bind this Nation to the EU.

Trump at 2019 NRA
Trump at 2019 NRA: President Trump, though, has worked ardently, stoically, on behalf of the American people, to reverse course; to reverse the Marxist agenda set by the previous President.

President Trump, though, has worked ardently, stoically, on behalf of the American people, to reverse course; to reverse the Marxist agenda set by the previous President.

Is it any wonder, then, why the Democratic “Socialists”—these Dead Souls—seek to regain the reins of all three Branches of Government? They wish to reset policy in accordance with the Obama/Clinton agenda.

These Dead Souls continue, incessantly, obstinately, spinning their wheels attacking the President. They are apoplectic that Donald Trump won the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

But, perhaps these constant, insatiable, virulent attacks on the President may have a silver lining. The Dead Souls in Congress won’t succeed. The Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, couldn’t take down the President, and they won’t succeed to do so either. But, their buffoonish, imbecilic attempt does keep them preoccupied. Just, imagine, for a moment, the damaging legislation they would produce if they directed attention to their salient Article 1 pursuit, instead?

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