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Pistol magazines are amazing for their reliability. The feed devices feed from six to 19 cartridges into the handgun’s chamber. It is asking a lot for a magazine to feed these cartridges from practically over spring pressure to almost no spring pressure. These days, if I have a problem testing a new introduction, the magazines are most often at fault. They are either too difficult to load or they have insufficient tension to properly feed. And the magazines that give trouble are not from Mec-Gar. Mec-Gar magazines offer good fit, function, and utility and are affordable as well.

CZ 75 with flush fit 18-round magazine and 19 round extended magazine
With the 19-round magazine in reserve, the new 17-round flush-fit magazine offers 18 rounds in the gun. That’s 37 rounds of 9mm.

Mec-Gar is the largest manufacturer of OEM magazines in the world. SIG, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Taurus, Walther, Remington, Rock Island, and others use Mec-Gar magazines. I often use Mec-Gar magazines, and if you use modern handguns almost certainly you do as well.

I also use Mec-Gar magazines as replacements for many 1911 handguns and the CZ 75. It is worthy of note that magazines do not last as long as the handgun. Magazines have a finite life. They must be replaced from time to time.

An advantage of a new type of Mec-Gar magazine is a special coating. As cartridges are loaded into the magazine and roll against each other and also contact the side of the magazine, they create friction. Mec-Gar has developed an anti-friction coating.

1911 pistol with an extended magazine and 10 loose rounds of ammunition
Good ammunition and magazines are the heart of reliability.

Magazines with the AFC product number suffix have this special coating. This coating makes loading and unloading the magazine easier. By comparing the original magazine with a magazine with the AFC coating, it is obvious that the coating works.

Mec-Gar engineers have also developed new magazines that increase the capacity of the magazine in contrast to originals. I was able to test several 1911 Government Model .45-caliber magazines. The magazines were both 10- and 11-round capacity. I also was able to test the flush-fit 17-round CZ 75B 9mm magazine. The CZ 75 17-round magazines are flush fit and feature the AFC coating.


The first magazine tested, number MGCG4510B, is a 10-round magazine, tested along with the MGCG4511B 11-round magazine for the 1911 .45 auto. I used these in three different handguns—a Dan Wesson Heritage, a SIG Sauer 1911 Fastback, and a Colt Government Model Series 70.

I used three types of ammunition—the Winchester 230-grain FMJ, Winchester 185-grain Silvertip, and SIG Sauer Elite 200-grain V Crown. This gave the author a good mix of ammunition. While the 10- and 11-round magazines extend beyond the grip frame, they are not difficult to carry in a spare magazine carrier. This offers a considerable advantage compared with standard seven- and eight-round magazines.

7-round Colt magazine beside a 10-round Mec-Gar magazine
The 10-round 1911 .45 magazine is a bit longer than the standard seven-round magazine.

In firing several magazines of ammunition, there were no failures to feed, chamber, fire, or eject. Loading and unloading aren’t difficult. While Mec-Gar offers excellent-quality flush-fit seven- and eight-round 1911 magazines, these extended magazines are reliable and affordable. They represent an advantage in many ways, from rangework to serious use.

Next, I tested two offerings for the CZ 75B. The MGC17AFC is a 17-round flush-fit magazine with the AFC option, and the other, the MGC19AFC, is an extended 19-round magazine. I used a vintage 9mm handgun in this test. This is an old-school handgun. It needs to be lubricated often, is blue steel and walnut, and a very cool handgun. It is also accurate and reliable.

I loaded the magazines with an eclectic selection of ammunition—the SIG Sauer Elite 124-grain V-Crown, SIG Sauer Elite 147-grain Match, and the Browning 147-grain JHP. I used this opportunity to familiarize myself with the AT 84 again. It has been riding in the safe for too long. The magazines were easy to load and easy to unload when necessary. Feed reliability was excellent.

Magazines are the heart of the handgun’s reliability. These magazines are first class and service grade in every regard. With the new coating and flush-fit CZ magazine, as well as the extended CZ magazine, Mec-Gar remains on the cutting edge in magazine technology.

Have you used Mec-Gar magazines? How did the Mec-Gar magazines compare with your factory magazines? Share your answers in the comment section.

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