Father Fatally Shoots Man After Home Is Sprayed With Paintballs

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Father Fatally Shoots Man After Home Is Sprayed With Paintballs

USA –-( KHOU TV 11 reported 05-22-19 in Houston Texas, a home was apparently targeted by group with paintball guns.

The shooting happened at about 11:30 p.m. in the 13300 block of Force. Police initially reported the incident as an attempted car burglary turned deadly, but the investigation is still underway at this time.

Police now believe a group of people firing paintball guns at the family’s home was the catalyst for the shooting.

Sgt. Joshua Horn with the Houston Police Department told media (paraphrased for clarity) ‘They (the residents) were alerted to some sort of disturbance and believed that their house was being shot at.

The homeowner, the father, came outside and approached a suspect with a gun who was standing there. The father believed that the individual was a threat and fearing for his own safety, fired a round at him.


The homeowner also fired a couple rounds at the suspect’s vehicle in the street. Several cartridge casings were found outside the home along with splatter from a paintball gun.

Police later received information that an individual who may have been involved in the targeting of this house ended up in a nearby hospital and was pronounced dead.

Investigators believe there were more than a dozen people outside the home when the incident occurred. As of this report it is unknown if any of them were armed with real guns or only with paintball guns.


So, the resident is supposed to differentiate paintball guns from real firearms in the midst of incoming fire? I wonder if the paint spatter was red?

In most jurisdictions going outside to confront the attackers would be a serious error. Advice would be to call 911 and let the police respond with their tools and tactics to stop the threat

If the attackers force their way in before help arrives, do what is necessary to protect yourself.

Bob Irwin, Las Vegas

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