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USA – -( Time is burning and we need all voting members on deck for this one. In order to get this in front of the Board of Directors via member petition we need 250 valid signatures of voting members turned in to us by August 1st 2019. We’ve already gotten some back, so jump on board with your fellow members and let’s make some actual progress in reforming OUR NRA.

Check out the petitions page, download, fill out, and mail this sucker back to us! Don’t wait till tomorrow to get this thing downloaded and filled out, do it tonight.

If you have a gun store you go to often, a club, a range, a group of friends, please do all the NRA members a favor and try to get additional signatures on your petition. Comment on your favorite podcasts and let the hosts know. Please share our posts on Facebook. There are a lot of little ways to get involved and help this effort that really only require a few minutes of your time.

We have a number of things in the works behind the scenes at present. As we get closer to the next Director’s meeting in Alaska we’ll be revealing more. There’s also the road to NRAAM ahead.. Are you going? If so it’s time to start planning.

One last bit of housekeeping – if you’re receiving this email and have not told us if you’re a voting member or not, please take the time to do so. It’s easy. Go to this page, sign up with your email address, and it’ll give you a little link at the bottom to update your preferences. Follow the instructions and tell us if you’re a voting member and what state you’re in. This helps us a ton.

Thank you so much for your continued support and donations. We’ve received such amazing support from the community of firearms owners and NRA members that it’s simply mind blowing. Your donations are getting us closer to making a HUGE impact, and we’re all more grateful than you know.

You, the members, are making this possible. Together we can, and will, reclaim OUR NRA.


Anthony Garcia
Save The Second President

NRA-BOD Attendance Petition Instructions 2019

NRA-BOD Attendance Petition

Save the Second

About Save the Second

Save the Second, a non-profit organization, was formed in June of 2019 to represent the concerns of NRA Members, as well as former and potential NRA Members, who believe that the leadership and strategies of the NRA have failed and that the organization needs to be reformed in order to effectively represent American Gun Owners and their concerns. STS has proposed Five Points of Reform at their website for consideration to improve the NRA.

For more information about Save the Second, The BoD Survey, The Five Points of Reform or other related issues, contact STS Board Member and Media Relations Representative, Rob Pincus at [email protected]


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