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In case you aren’t familiar with Amazon’s Jack Ryan series, it’s a show about a former-Marine-turned-CIA analyst that goes from driving a desk to driving bullets into terrorists. He gets a lot of shoot ’em up time due to a cascade of discoveries he makes.

The shoot ’em up part is quite vivid, as are the gun choices shown on each episode. So we decided to rank them. Also, the fact Jack Ryan Season 2 is releasing on November 1 means this is the perfect time to do so.

(Before we get started, one serious quibble: the main character can never seem to decide on a carry gun. I realize sometimes he is using whatever is around or he has taken from a dead terrorist. But seriously, learn the manual of arms of one gun and roll with it for at least a couple of episodes.)

Not all of these guns are used by Jack Ryan. For that matter, lots of them are used by ancillary characters (and even the bad guys). But I guess evil can have good taste too.

Anyway, on to the rankings.

1. Browning M2HB (‘Ma Deuce’)

Browning M2HB
Source: Internet Movie Firearms Database

They say, there are very few problems that cannot be solved with judicious use of explosives. The problem is, I don’t have access and have not been trained with explosives. I have, on the other hand, been behind a “Ma Duece” on more than one occasion.


I am pretty sure the same rule of “judicious use” applies.

It seems the Islamofascists and the CIA agree, as both are armed up with M2HBs. The baddies mount theirs on a Toyota “technicals.” The CIA uses an armored personnel carrier to bring theirs to bear.

2. M240B Machine Gun

M240B Machine Gun
Source: Internet Movie Firearms Database

Having extolled the virtues of the Ma Duece, sometimes you need belt-fed, but 84 pounds is just too much to carry. The M240B, at 28 pounds, steps into the lighter weight role of providing a well-beaten zone.

Also, the Duece is expensive to feed and (heresy alert) can sometimes be a bit of overkill. In those times 650-950 rounds per minute of 308 goodness might just be the recipe and the show’s “technicals” seem to have lots of them.

3. Browning Hi-Power

Browning Hi-Power
Source: Internet Movie Firearms Database

Call it personal bias, but the Browning Hi-Power has such a deep history. It is a classy man’s pre-GLOCK and has been doing the job for over 80 years.

The name “Hi-Power” was in reference to its 13-round capacity, which was close to double that of its contemporary, the 1911.

Despite it being discontinued, you can still find Browning Hi-Power parts and accessories online.

4. Tanfoglio TZ-75

Tanfoglio TZ-75
Source: Internet Movie Firearms Database

If I can’t have a CZ-75, then a good second choice is the Tanfoglioi TZ-75. What it lacks in Czech pedigree, it makes up for with simple caliber changes. It easily changes from 9x19mm to 9x21mm, .41 AE and (if you insist) .40 S&W.

Sometimes, the second act has some excellent twists and the TZ-75 is one of those choices. Even if it is mostly used in the episode as a hostage negotiation / horror-inflicting device. That is far from the fault of the gun.

(Here’s an excellent TZ-75 holster option, by the way.)

5. Kimber Desert Warrior

Jack Ryan gun
Source: Internet Movie Firearms Database

Speaking of 1911, I have been told that any list of awesome guns must include a 1911. I’m not sure if that is due to fear of forgetting about the soul-ravaging .45 ACP round or because some people demand a tribute to JMB (which is covered with the Ma Duece).

But there are certainly worse choices than the Kimber Desert Warrior. This gun was built specifically for the U.S. Marine Special Operations Command Detachment One and is used by Matice in that role in the show. Good gritty gun in a solid scene.

Honorable Mention: The CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1

CZ Scorpion Evo
Source: Internet Movie Firearms Database

If I was doing battle at close ranges and wanted a suppressed weapon ( who wouldn’t?) , the CZ Scorpion is very up to the task. Apparently, Ali believed so as well. Very rapid firepower, lots of capacity and a fairly low report signature with the can.

Sure it isn’t an MP-5, but having shot both in full auto, that is a good thing.


This is by no means a complete list of the guns used in the show. As previously mentioned, Jack has a catalog of carry guns and the bad guys have guns of opportunity.

What this provides is a list of guns the author finds awesome and would like to include in his own personal highlight reel.

Have you seen Jack Ryan? What guns would you add to this list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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