Muddying The Waters On Firearms Research & Suicides

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Opinion By Elizabeth McGuigan

Muddying The Waters On Firearms Research

USA – -( What happens when a virulent anti-gun activist gets ahold of a journal’s entire October issue?

We get headlines like: Study: U.S. Gun Deaths Surge, Except for Two States With Restrictive Gun Laws, just days after headlines such as: Homicides, other violent crime fell again in 2018, new FBI data shows and FBI: Southern States See Largest Drop in Violent Crime.

What’s the real story here? Did researchers unearth better crime data than the FBI?

Data Tells

Turns out that it doesn’t take much to see how the study’s authors manage to make the news. They simply included suicides in with homicide data. Suicides are tragically rising nationwide over recent years. However, homicides have been on the decline. Since suicides are two-thirds of all firearm-related deaths in a given year, combining the two shows a net increase. The state-specific data wasn’t available online, apart from the sweeping conclusions and a carefully worded methodology that included adjusting the dates until the data fit the pre-conceived narrative. But we do know that suicide rates tend to be higher in rural areas with more risk factors including social isolation, lack of access to healthcare, unemployment and poverty. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the study found higher rates in these areas.

What is a surprise is the authors’ weak and unsubstantiated attempt to connect this with gun control laws in more urban states.


Conflating Isn’t the Cure

There’s no question that the increase in suicide rates is a crisis that must be addressed. The firearms and ammunition industry has partnered with groups like the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention for this reason. But to come up with ways to help, it’s important to focus on the actual issue, and not misleadingly lump together suicides with a separate – though also terrible – problem of homicides. Our industry knows there aredifferent ways to help address each concern. Even the study’s authors agree. In the final line of the entire misleading report, they write:

“The epidemiology of firearm violence is complex and varies based on the mechanism of death, demographic group under study, and regionally specific culture, making a one-size-fits-all solution inappropriate.”

At least they got one thing right.

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  1. Strange how the number of suicides did not go down in nations that imposed total gun bans the method used changed but they did not stop a single suicide by banning guns in other nations like Australia.

    The fact is it is not “gun violence” it is just violence they could have chosen any of the numerous other items that have been used to commit such horrific acts.

  2. I agree with you. The problem is not gun control or banning them. I would love to know how the Democrats are going to confiscate the guns from the gang members. They don’t ever mention the taking the guns from the ones that are killing the children like what happens in the big cities because of the gangs don’t mind if there is collateral deaths of children while they fire their guns at into a crowd as they drive by. I have a real good answer to all the problems, why not give the power back to law enforcement to arrest the people that are out doing all the the crimes put them in jail and lock the doors. The justice system in our country or corrupt and so broken. We really need to stop making new laws and enforce the ones we already have. It is bad when an innocent man is put behind bars and no one will even investigate to get the proof that he has that will prove he is innocent. All I have to say to Mr Beto is “ Hell no you want get my gun”. Neither will anyone else. We law abiding citizens need to rise up and march on the streets and in the White House and capital hill and congress and show the Democrates they are not going to turn our great nation into a socialist country. If they want to live that we should put them on a “slow boat to China”.

  3. On our corrupt justice system. The reason that we have repeat offenders is sad, but our nation cannot afford to keep people locked up who commit the non violent crimes and then these become violent criminals. With our mental health facilities being closed hurts also. A lot of these need to be in these facilities before they commit a crime to go to prison. Lot of them are just mentally off. In my town we’ve got 2 trials coming up where we had two convicts serving life kill 2 guards. The guards didn’t lock the padlock in the transport van. And the other prisoners are suing the state for what they went through. Plus now we have another van following the prisoner van. Whew

  4. the gangs in England all have guns, they ram the doors of businesses with their motorcycles if it is closed if they are open then just walk in break the glass cases and take Rolexes or whatever they want while store owners just standby at gunpoint. This is what happens when control takes over. Like our hats said in 1966 when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. Making up these ridiculous does nothing but get votes for those are so uninformed and naive.

  5. Just another liberal moron gum flapping. Adults know it’s lib areas WITH extreme gun control measures that are the most dangerous and we know the reasons why, but stupid people from the left will continue to bastardize the narrative to push their ignorant agenda.

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