Chaos in Mexico, Now Nine American Women & Children Are Dead ~ VIDEO

Second Amendment


Ft Collins, CO –-( Three SUVs, containing only unarmed women and young children (all US citizens), were shot to pieces by cartel sicarios in Northern Mexico yesterday.

This was no “accident.”

Innocent Americans were gunned-down and burned alive with fanatic deliberation.

These same vicious cartels have also established operations in every part of the USA, as getting cartel sicarios into the USA from Mexico is not difficult. [with our weak or non-existant border wall].

  • They casually murder, and not just rival gang-members, but defenseless women, children, infants, for reasons no normal person could understand.
  • They murder for a thousand twisted reasons.
  • They murder for no reason at all.

I saw a former US ambassador to Mexico interviewed on TV this morning.

He tried his best to apologize for the corrupt/inept/bungling “official” Mexican government, and added, unconvincingly, that there are places in Mexico that are still “perfectly safe” for American tourists.

Yet, he declined to name any.

He made a feeble and dubious case.

The brutal truth is that there is currently no place in Mexico that is “perfectly,” nor even “slightly,” safe.

Only fools travel there.

Innocent Mexican citizens have been completely disarmed by a corrupt government, and are thus unable to defend themselves against Cartels who are enslaving them.

Americans have not been stripped of our arms (yet), and we had better be prepared, trained, equipped, and ready, in an instant, to fight for our lives.

These murdering thugs have no intention of being confined to Mexico!


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