Month: June 2018

Kimber shines a new light on one of its classic designs. Where were you on August 21, 2017? If the significance of that date escapes you, then you’ve already forgotten about the first total solar eclipse visible throughout the contiguous United States in our lifetime. Odds are you’ve already pitched the certified eclipse glasses for
Walther’s new PPQ Sub Compact packs a lot into a small package. After spending time shooting the PPQ SC (Sub Compact), I find it a lot like a medium-size Labrador: stoutly built, tough and ready for anything—and of the firm opinion that it is a big dog. The Sub Compact has all the attributes of
The new SAR 9 is a quality-built, smooth-shooting, striker-fired pistol that’s well worth a look. Sarsilmaz is not a word that rolls smoothly off the tongue for a native English speaker. For that reason, when the Turkish arms manufacturer tried to make a big splash in the U.S. market about five years ago, it went
The Vedder IWB holster is simple. The steel belt clip can be moved half an inch up or down, and by loosening a tension screw it can pivot 30 degrees. You can get a 1.5-inch belt clip (mounted) and/or a 1.75-inch belt clip. I’ve been interested in firearms for long enough that I can remember
By  Eve Flanigan A proper stance has you leaning into the gun, body square to the target and arms straight. Too many YouTube videos show the effects of shooters’ insufficient support of high-recoil handguns. Unfortunately, most of those videos are of women whose mates or friends didn’t know or care enough to provide instruction on technique,
I’m sure this is somebody’s official handgun drill or is a derivation of one, but it’s an exercise I came up with one day when I had a limited amount of time for setup and practice. I think it’s helpful for working on sight tracking, target transitions and reloading at the same time. It’s simple,
A novel piece of firearms engineering that turned the 1911 into a double-action/single-action pistol. Over the years, the debate between those favoring the single-action and single-action/double-action semiautos has taken predictable paths when it came to firing the first shot. The single-action shooter tended to be tactical-minded while the double-action first-shot fans liked the handling and
Since 1968, MTM has continued to design and produce products for the shooting enthusiast. From ammo boxes to gun rests to clay target throwers, MTM offers a huge variety of products essential to the sportsman. MTM announces their new line of Tactical Pistol Cases for 2018. If you have multiple handguns, the new Tactical Pistol