Month: September 2020

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A state appeals court in Pennsylvania declared the federal law that protects gun manufacturers from certain lawsuits unconstitutional on Monday in a victory for gun-control proponents that would allow the family of a 13-year-old boy who died in a 2016 shooting accident to move forward with a lawsuit against Springfield Arms and Saloom Department Store. The
Trump vs Biden on 9 major policy issues ahead of the debates – CNNPolitics By Mackenzie Happe and Kate Sullivan, CNNArtwork by Kelly Flynn and Max Pepper, CNN Updated 2:39 PM ET, Tue September 29, 2020 Covid-19 ‘);$vidEndSlate.removeClass(‘video__end-slate–inactive’).addClass(‘video__end-slate–active’);}};CNN.autoPlayVideoExist = (CNN.autoPlayVideoExist === true) ? true : false;var configObj = {thumb: ‘none’,video: ‘politics/2020/08/31/trump-vs-biden-covid-19-policies-mh-orig.cnn’,width: ‘100%’,height: ‘100%’,section: ‘domestic’,profile: ‘expansion’,network:
Trump vs Biden on 9 major policy issues – CNNPolitics By Mackenzie Happe and Kate Sullivan, CNNArtwork by Kelly Flynn and Max Pepper, CNN Updated 7:19 AM ET, Tue September 29, 2020 Covid-19 ‘);$vidEndSlate.removeClass(‘video__end-slate–inactive’).addClass(‘video__end-slate–active’);}};CNN.autoPlayVideoExist = (CNN.autoPlayVideoExist === true) ? true : false;var configObj = {thumb: ‘none’,video: ‘politics/2020/08/31/trump-vs-biden-covid-19-policies-mh-orig.cnn’,width: ‘100%’,height: ‘100%’,section: ‘domestic’,profile: ‘expansion’,network: ‘cnn’,markupId: ‘body-text_5’,theoplayer: {allowNativeFullscreen: true},adsection:
Sociologist Jennifer Carlson interviewed a bunch of police chiefs about their views on guns. I’m going to interview her about that tonight. RS Jennifer Carlson thinks we’re doing the gun debate wrong. Sponsored Prompted by wall-to-wall coverage of mass shootings, the contemporary conversation on gun violence pits “gun safety” advocates pushing middling reforms against gun
MILWAUKEE — Wisconsin voters supported a Democratic candidate for the last seven presidential elections — then Donald Trump showed up. Trump narrowly won Wisconsin by 0.77% over Hillary Clinton in 2016. Democrats are now looking to take back a state they once considered part of the “blue wall.” Wisconsin, which holds 10 votes in the
For observers familiar with Canada’s long–gun registry, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s scheme to implement his “assault weapons” ban is already giving off a whiff of déjà vu. Under the Trudeau government’s ban and confiscation program announced on May 1, over 1,500 firearms and devices listed in a government regulation immediately became a “prohibited” firearm or
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to ban certain types of semi-automatic firearms that are rarely used in crimes. These firearms are also commonly owned; estimates from 2018 peg the number owned in the U.S. at more than 16 million. So why are Biden and his would-be Florida man, Michael Bloomberg, so focused on these
The gun control segment of billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s left-wing political apparatus isn’t feeling the courage of their purported convictions these days. Understanding that their message of civilian disarmament won’t play with an electorate wracked with concerns over COVID-19, a spike in violence in many jurisdictions, and politician-tolerated civil unrest, Everytown for Gun Safety has used
The district covering Carmel, Tipton, and Noblesville could mirror a national suburban shift toward the Democratic Party. Here at the Hickory Hall Polo Club in Whitestown, polo players atop thoroughbreds thwack a ball around a 300-yard-long, 160-yard-wide stretch of carefully groomed green grass. The sun dips in the August sky. Alongside the field, families and
Name: Tim RyanCity of Residence: WarrenParty Affiliation: DemocratOccupation: U.S. RepresentativeEducation: Tim Ryan has a law degree from the University Of New Hampshire School Of Law (formerly the Franklin Pierce Law Center). He studied abroad as part of the Dickinson School of Law’s International Law Program. He received a BA in Political Science from Bowling Green
New Jersey gun owners received a bit of good news recently when the Legislature sent the budget to Gov. Phil Murphy, and it did not contain the revenues from massive hikes the executive had earlier proposed on firearm permitting fees.  Murphy had unsuccessfully proposed these Draconian fees before.  Unrelenting, his 2020 budget proposal would have
Since the night police burst into Breonna Taylor’s apartment, her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, has said he did not hear officers announce their presence. When he shot in their direction, he maintains, he thought it was intruders breaking in. Police have stated otherwise, insisting they announced their presence and rightfully returned fire — sending over a
STEPHENVILLE — Metal chairs scraped the floor after Shelley Luther urged her audience to scoot closer. None of the roughly three dozen voters that came to see her Tuesday night wore a mask inside The Purple Goat restaurant. But that didn’t matter. Luther, whose refusal to shutter her Dallas hair salon launched her into the
Armed Citizen® TodayA homeowner in Pico Rivera, Calif., defended himself with a firearm when two alleged gang members attempted to burglarize his home on Sept. 18, 2020. The incident occurred when the two individuals forced their way in early that Friday morning. The homeowner heard the commotion of the break-in and armed himself with a gun. He came across
Donald Trump this morning retweeted some 16 pro-gun messages, following alarm over his remarks about handing over power if he loses November’s election. Concerns have been growing over after the President on Wednesday refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power after November’s election – adding “we’ll have to see.” Mr Trump has repeatedly
Beto O’Rourke, ex-congressman and former Senate and presidential hopeful, is like the internet’s hot middle school social studies teacher. He’s tall and handsome and has salt and pepper hair. He’s also a little bit lanky and nerdy, but, like, in a hot way. Then there’s the skateboard he always has nearby and ,oh my God,