Month: April 2022

Alejandra Ramos (CNN) — El gobernador Ron DeSantis prometió el viernes que haría de Florida un llamado estado constitucional de portación, lo que permitiría a las personas portar armas de fuego en público sin permisos. “La legislatura lo hará”, dijo DeSantis durante una conferencia de prensa en el norte de Florida. “No puedo decirles si
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Speaking before residents in North Central Florida, Ron DeSantis on Friday promised he’d sign “constitutional carry” gun legislation into law before he leaves the governor’s office. “We used to be the leader on Second Amendment issues,” DeSantis said, noting that 25 other states have already passed “constitutional carry” laws, which allow people to carry handguns
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CASS COUNTY- A discussion over a controversial resolution that would make Cass County a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary County” turned heated Friday at the Cass County Supervisors meeting with one resident insulting a Supervisor before storming out of the room. Cary Short, a former NRA member and gun owner, who attended last week’s meeting and opposed
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Yesterday, the New Hampshire Senate voted to pass ATV Carry. Thanks to the strong support of NRA members and Second Amendment supporters, this important legislation will be enrolled and heads to the Governor’s desk for further consideration this session. Please act now to contact Governor Sununu and respectfully request that he sign House Bill 1636
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In the last few days, Kemp has celebrated the National Rifle Association’s endorsement, rallied with law enforcement officers, approved an election measure sought by Trump loyalists and traveled to Perdue’s hometown to sign into law a sharp income tax cut. And in recent weeks, he’s maneuvered to solidify his conservative support by inking an expansive
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House Ways and Means Chairman Shaw Blackmon, a Republican from Bonaire, said that once the measure is fully implemented, it will save a family of four with an income of $75,000 about $650 a year. The tax cut even drew votes from a majority of Democrats in the General Assembly, but that doesn’t mean everybody
For months, Idaho high school students worked with state lawmakers to craft a resolution on gun violence. They prepared emotional testimony on losing family or friends to suicide, feelings of numbness to active shooter drills, and fears they had when their loved ones struggling with mental health had access to firearms. They expected to read
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By Jeff Gross, contributing writer Fishing license follow up: The RI DEM is working with the state library system to offer many locations for one to sign up and not provide their Social Security Number (SSN). Since most towns and cities have libraries that have extended hours, some until 8 pm, they can accommodate those
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Submit news, briefs and event listings to Found-materials artist featured at East Suburban Artists League The East Suburban Artists League will feature artist Glendon Hyde at their May 5 meeting. Hyde creates “found art” using discarded and broken materials, mostly donated by friends and neighbors. Hyde will share his motivation, techniques and specific approach
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Yesterday, the Oklahoma Senate passed firearm discrimination prevention legislation, House Bill 3144.  The measure now heads back to the House for a concurrence vote before being sent to the Governor.  Please contact your State Representative and ask them to CONCUR on House Bill 3144! House Bill 3144 provides that a governmental entity may not enter into a
NASCAR fire suits resemble patchwork quilts. Golfers wear them on their jerseys and caps. Umpires sport a few, as do minor league baseball uniforms. And now, under a new agreement, so will Major League Baseball uniforms be stitched with patches advertising teams’ sponsors and underwriters, kind of like moving billboards promoting a range of companies
I have known Katie Britt, surrogate and “former” liberal Democrat Steve Flowers, for many decades.  Flowers’ columns repeatedly attack Mike Durant and me or promote Katie Britt (the largest tax increase supporter of any Republican in Alabama history). Flowers argues in his Katie Britt attack piece, “A Mo Brooks Story,” that I “truly believe in
ROGER CLIFFORD BENTON- Roger “Babe” Clifford, 95, passed away on Friday, April 8, 2022. Roger was born on November 17, 1926, in Benton to Harold and Marguerite (Stinchfield) Clifford. He graduated from Lawrence High School, inFairfield, in 1945. On June 5, 1952, he married Gloria Hunter at the First Baptist Church, in Fairfield. She was
Jennifer Mascia, The Trace Ask The Trace  After receiving several questions from readers, our Ask The Trace series examines militia groups, from the Constitution to the modern day. By Jennifer Mascia , The Trace A participant of a rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on June 7, 2021. Assorted gun rights organizations, militia and III Percenter groups
The nation’s largest organization of pediatric surgeons has endorsed President Biden’s pick to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, saying it is “counterproductive” to leave ATF without a permanent director when the number of gun-related injuries and deaths is climbing among American children. In a letter sent to Senate leaders and the
House Bill 1462, to reduce areas where law-abiding citizens are left defenseless, has been referred to Senate Governmental Accountability and Fiscal Oversight Committee. Please contact committee members and ask them to SUPPORT HB 1462 and schedule it for a hearing. House Bill 1462 repeals arbitrary “gun-free zones” that do nothing to hinder criminals, while leaving law-abiding citizens
Vann Tate The four candidates in the N.C. State Senate District 36 Republican Primary spoke briefly last week during a candidate forum held in Yadkinville. Vying for the seat are Shirley Randleman, Eddie Settle, Vann Tate and Lee Zachary. The 36th district is a newly drawn district and includes Wilkes, Surry, Yadkin and Alexander counties.
In nearly half of all U.S. states, guns are now legal for concealed carry without a permit.    Gun prominence in the U.S. dates to pre-colonial times. The settlers originally brought over European firearms. Eventually, gunsmiths developed the American long rifle.  For the Revolutionary War, George Washington believed more than just rifles were needed to keep up