Month: July 2022

The House passed a bill to ban assault weapons—although just barely—and it will likely be struck down in the Senate. The Assault Weapons Ban of 2022 passed in a final vote on Friday of 217-213, as Representatives did not vote strictly along party lines. Two Republicans, Chris Jacobs (R-N.Y.) and Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.) voted for
The United States House of Representatives has passed legislation to revive a ban on certain semi-automatic guns, the first vote of its kind in years and a direct response to the firearms often used in the crush of mass shootings ripping through communities nationwide. Key points: Before he became US President, Joe Biden was instrumental in helping secure
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WASHINGTON — Responding to a string of mass shootings, a divided House passed a ban on certain semiautomatic rifles Friday, moving over the near-unanimous opposition of Republicans to reinstate a prohibition that expired nearly two decades ago. Once banned in the U.S., the firearms are now widely blamed as the weapon of choice among young
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The House of Representatives on Friday passed the “Assault Weapons Ban of 2022,” a bill that would ban various semi-automatic guns, though the measure would grandfather in firearms that people already own. “It shall be unlawful for a person to import, sell, manufacture, transfer, or possess, in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce, a semiautomatic
Uvalde victims’ families beg Texas lawmakers to enact gun safety laws The sister of a nine-year-old killed in the Uvalde school rampage tearfully pleaded with Texas lawmakers to pass gun safety legislation. Patrick Colson-Price, USA TODAY WASHINGTON – The House narrowly passed a ban on assault weapons Friday, following a series of mass shootings this summer that
Fairfax, Va. – NRA-ILA Executive Director Jason Ouimet released the following statement on Friday regarding the passage of H.R. 1808: “Barely a month after the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in NYSRPA v. Bruen, gun control advocates in Congress are spearheading an assault upon the freedoms and civil liberties of law-abiding Americans. The promises made in HR 1808 are
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2 hours ago Brazil And Spain Report First Monkeypox Deaths Outside Africa“,”scope”:{“topStory”:{“index”:1,”title”:”Brazil And Spain Report First Monkeypox Deaths Outside Africa”,”image”:”×0.jpg?cropX1=0&cropX2=3000&cropY1=159&cropY2=1847″,”isHappeningNowArticle”:true,”date”:”2 hours ago”,”uri”:””}},”id”:”612ag1c10mm800″},{“textContent”:” 3 hours ago LIV Golf Signs Yet Another Masters Champ In Bubba Watson“,”scope”:{“topStory”:{“index”:2,”title”:”LIV Golf Signs Yet Another Masters Champ In Bubba Watson”,”image”:”×0.jpg?cropX1=147&cropX2=4457&cropY1=59&cropY2=2483″,”isHappeningNowArticle”:true,”date”:”3 hours ago”,”uri”:””}},”id”:”bncqfp0g97k000″},{“textContent”:” 3 hours ago Louisiana Abortion Ban To Go Back
For one week every summer, the Neshoba County Fair is the place to be to hear from Mississippi’s elected officials and those with ambitions to join them in office. This year, on Wednesday and Thursday, the state’s most powerful leaders made their pitch for why they believe Republicans are due to win big in November. “A red
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(Reporter file photo) Friends To the Editor: What is a friend? Although I have a personal understanding of friendship, I considered the better definitions of friendship.  Friendship is characterized by positive interpersonal qualities such as kindness, generosity, loyalty and honesty. If someone befriends a community or town, can there also be affection, esteem, intimacy and
The National Rifle Association of America (NRA) downgraded Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) following her recent gun control vote but gave challenger Kelly Tshibaka an “A” grade. U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka speaks during a “Save America” rally at Alaska Airlines Center on July 09, 2022, in Anchorage, Alaska. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) The NRA gave Murkowski
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26 minutes ago 2 Former Minneapolis Police Officers Sentenced To Combined 6.5 Years For Violating George Floyd’s Federal Civil Rights“,”scope”:{“topStory”:{“index”:1,”title”:”2 Former Minneapolis Police Officers Sentenced To Combined 6.5 Years For Violating George Floyd’s Federal Civil Rights”,”image”:”×0.jpg?cropX1=0&cropX2=3509&cropY1=178&cropY2=2152″,”isHappeningNowArticle”:true,”date”:”26 minutes ago”,”uri”:””}},”id”:”agimp7j3n8hk00″},{“textContent”:” 27 minutes ago Biden Credits ‘New Tools’ Like Vaccines And Treatments For His Covid Recovery—Contrasting Case With
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