Month: February 2018

Ed Brown’s new compact combines an Officer’s frame with a Commander slide to create an ideal carry 9mm 1911. Ever wonder what type of car Matt Kenseth drives to the grocery store or which restaurant Emeril Lagasse and Wolfgang Puck choose to meet for a business lunch? Perhaps you’d be interested to take a peek
In one-handed retention fire, the elbow goes high and the thumb is indexed against the nipple. Shots will go low, potentially hitting an assailant’s pelvis. The best way to hit what you’re aiming at with a handgun is to peer through the sights and smoothly press the trigger rearward until the shot breaks. The farther
Ruger’s GP 100 .44 Special is right at home in the Predator Pancake from Wright Leather Works. A stiffening strap at the top ensures the holster stays open. Like most of you, I’ve got my fair  share of holsters. None of them is fancy. The Predator Pancake that Wright Leatherworks sent me for review isn’t
The Colt Police Positive Target .22 is one of the most well-balanced rimfire revolvers you’ll ever shoot. Some of the features we take for granted today were true innovations in their day. Colt’s Police Positive was quite a revolver when introduced, one that gave all others stiff competition because it incorporated a positive internal hammer block that allowed six cartridges