Month: December 2017

In 1868, the British—who subscribed to the theory that a slow-moving and heavy bullet provided good stopping power—brought out their first double-action handgun chambered for the .450 Adams. The Adams served until 1880 when the revolver and round were replaced by the .455 Mark I cartridge and the Webley revolver. (The Adams round, which is
In August 2016, Kim Woodman was charged by a sow brown bear on the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska and subsequently killed the animal with five shots from his sidearm. Such events invariably start conversations and debates, but much of this discussion revolving around this particular incident had to do with the caliber of Woodman’s weapon:
Verbal skills tend to come in handy during an armed encounter. As a police officer, I’ve used the “gift of gab” to great effect on a number of occasions, but verbal skills aren’t just for cops. Saying the right thing at the right time—and with the right delivery—can prompt a would-be assailant to back down.
In my opinion, the CZ P-07 and P-09 pistols haven’t gotten the kind of attention they deserve. Maybe it’s because American consumers aren’t as familiar with the name CZ as they are with some of its competitors. Or maybe it’s because the P-07/P-09 pistols are “old school” double-action/single-action, hammer-fired semiautos. The American gun-buying public and
The aggressive slide serrations separate the Beretta from the pack, and the gun features sturdy steel sights—which is good because the protruding firing pin block will make red dot mounting difficult. One of the worst-kept secrets in the firearms world in the past few years has been the Beretta APX. Word of it leaked more
By Eve Flanigan Too many women approach shopping for a firearm the same way they shop for shoes—based on looks. Unfortunately, using that standard alone can result in disappointment. A gun that’s a poor fit is no fun to shoot. Often for women, and occasionally for men, finding a handgun that fits well can prove
We train with our handguns for personal protection at close range. The history of violent incidents tells the story that these are most often arm’s length to across-the-street events. With little to no warning of the threat, we have to be ready to respond, and the handgun will likely be the means to do so.