Month: January 2018

When your pistol malfunctions during a range session, do you stop and look at it, dumbfounded? Do you set your pistol down and raise your hand for assistance because you aren’t sure how to remedy the problem? These are common reactions for a new shooter, but if you’re going to carry a pistol or keep
Smith & Wesson has been experimenting with frame size in revolvers for more than a century, and the results have not always been positive. In 1935, the company unveiled the new .357 Magnum in its beefy N-frame wheelgun, which was large enough and strong enough to handle the .357’s prodigious power. It was also so
Brand new from Springfield Armory is what the company is calling the “Hammer,” otherwise known as the XD-E. In short the XD-E could be described as a hammer-fired version (the “E” stands for external hammer) of Springfield’s popular striker-fired XD-S compact. But that’s not completely accurate—or the full story. Before I get into the reasons