Month: February 2021

The recent controversy surrounding the reopening of U.S. schools during the COVID-19 pandemic has placed former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Republicans on the same team against teacher unions. Bloomberg and Republicans have spewed rhetoric that exposes the anti-educator beliefs inherent to the oligarch and the GOP. “It’s time for Joe Biden to
At the March 2nd Business Meeting, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors will hold a vote on an ordinance banning firearms in certain public places. Second Amendment supporters are encouraged to OPPOSE Item 09 on the agenda. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting is to be held electronically. Citizens may sign–up to speak remotely, over phone or
Last night, the Washington Senate suspended the rules and approved an amended version of Carry Ban Legislation, Senate Bill 5038.  The measure now heads to the House for further consideration. It is more important than ever for NRA Members and Second Amendment Supporters to contact their State Representative and urge them to OPPOSE this anti-gun measure.
Next week, House Bill 1106 and Senate Bill 78, are scheduled for committee consideration on Monday and Thursday, respectively.  These measures do nothing to prevent crime and specifically target law-abiding gun owners.  Please contact committee members and ask them to OPPOSE these anti-gun measures. House Bill 1106 imposes government-mandated standards for storing firearms, rendering them unavailable for self-defense purposes.  HB 1106 will
Dear Texas NRA Member: On Wednesday, we reported to you on House Bill 2249 and Senate Bill 18, NRA-backed bills which establish that firearms and ammunition manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, suppliers and retailers are essential businesses that shall not be prohibited by state or local officials from operating during a declared disaster or emergency. Since then, several more measures with this NRA-supported language have been
Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed in this article are solely the author’s and do not reflect the views of The Phoenix Editorial Board.  CW: school shootings, guns, PTSD, grief, suicide Three years ago on February 14, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School experienced the deadliest school shooting in US history. By the end of the day,
Stephen Groves, Associated Press Published 10:45 p.m. CT Feb. 25, 2021 CLOSE Buy Photo Governor Kristi Noem speaks at a press conference regarding a new scholarship program on Wednesday, January 6, at Southeast Technical College in Sioux Falls. (Photo: Erin Bormett / Argus Leader) PIERRE — A South Dakota Democratic lawmaker has formally requested the state’s
  Today, House Judiciary B Committee passed important preemption legislation, Senate Bill 2107.  The measure now heads to the House Floor for a final vote.  It is possible that weakening amendments could be proposed, and your Representatives need to hear from you now! Senate Bill 2107 enhances Mississippi’s preemption law by adding state agencies to the list
The House Judiciary Committee issued a favorable report to House Bill 175, to prevent discrimination against firearm businesses. This bill is also considered critical legislation by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, and the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation. It now awaits a floor vote in the full House. Please contact your state representative and ask them to
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — A Florida homicide detective believes an Army veteran committed murder when he pursued and fatally shot a drunk, unarmed neighbor who pounded on his door after midnight, saying prosecutors should have rejected the shooter’s self-defense claim. Lee County sheriff’s Lt. David Lebid recently disputed prosecutors’ contention that Steve Taylor’s 2016
Today, House Study Bill 254 was introduced to greatly improve self-defense in Iowa. Please contact your state representative and ask them to SUPPORT HSB 254. House Study Bill 254 allows a law-abiding adult to carry a concealed firearm, without first needing to obtain government permission. This ensures that citizens have their right to self-defense without government red
Sometimes history tries to teach us a lesson. The Indiana House of Representatives just voted to allow Hoosiers to carry firearms without securing permits. If the measure becomes law — it must pass the Indiana Senate and be signed by Gov. Eric Holcomb before it does — it will mean, for all practical purposes, that
Last week, the Club for Growth put out scorecards measuring the Alabama Legislature on two metrics: attendance and a grade on members’ voting records for what it deemed to be pro-growth legislation. It is one of several ways the organization has exerted its influence over Alabama politics. Many are probably aware of its entree into