Month: September 2019

It’s happening. Wednesday and an impeachment inquiry. Tips, comments, recipes? Reach out and sign up. Thanks for waking up with us.   Also happening: “Climate change is already causing staggering impacts on the oceans and ice-filled regions that encompass 80 percent of the Earth, and future damage from rising seas and melting glaciers is now all but
UPDATED FEBRUARY 2020 BOSTON (CBS) – With mass shootings becoming far too common in the United States, gun control will certainly be a topic of interest for voters in the 2020 election. Related: Where They Stand, College FundingRelated: Where They Stand, Prescription Drug Costs Here is a brief look at where each of the current
Background checks: Eighty-nine percent of Americans support expanding federal background checks to cover private sales and gun-show transactions. Red flag laws: Eighty-six percent support implementing “red-flag” laws to deny guns to those deemed a hazard to themselves or others. Key: “Both measures are supported by at least 8 in 10 Republicans, white evangelical Christians, members of gun-owning households and