Month: May 2018

Inland MFG. 1911A1 Government When it comes to 1911s, consumers have a huge number of choices, but right now there isn’t any good taxonomic classification of these pistols. (Taxonomy, if you didn’t know, is the scientific classification of organisms by family, genus, species, etc.) When it comes to 1911s, your two basic classes are “modern”
Getting your gun back into its holster is an important skill. Although drawing your gun in response to a perceived deadly threat is pretty darn important, so is the act of returning your gun safely to the holster. While holstering isn’t particularly exciting, it is critically important. Take it for granted and you’re courting a
FN America’s NEW 509 pistol combines modern styling with a century-long history of military firearms production. FN Herstal was established in Belgium in 1889 as a manufacturer of military arms, and over the course of the last 128 years, the company has produced a wide variety of weapons ranging from the Browning Hi Power and
Streamlight TLR-7, TLR-8 The new small-footprint light (TLR-7) and light/laser (TLR-8) will fit on practically any gun with an accessory rail and are perfectly at home on smaller pistols. The powerful white light on each has a 500-lumen output. The TLR-7 can be programmed to cycle through high and strobe, and the TLR-8 can be
IMR Target Smokeless Powder Not too long ago, shooters were introduced to new powders from IMR, which is owned by Hodgdon Powder—the same company that makes Titegroup. So if you’ve already got one good-selling pistol powder, why do you need to introduce another? “Target was designed to do what Titegroup, a spherical powder, would do—but
Rock Island Armory Baby Rock 1911 Rock Island isn’t the first company to build a 1911 downsized to fit the .380 ACP cartridge. I remember being a kid in the 1980s swooning over Colt’s glossy catalog and its then brand-new Mustang. However, a design that was considered little better than a toy 30 years ago
A fistful of drills to enhance your pistol skills. There’s nothing wrong with shooting drills for the sake of fun, but doing so at the expense of practicing more fundamental skills is foolish—if your goal is to be a better defensive handgunner. Drills that have you running and gunning against the timer tend to become
The Performance Center T/C Long Range Rifle Performance Center and Thompson/Center Arms announced the launch of a new bolt-action, chassis-style rifle – the Performance Center T/C Long Range Rifle (LRR).  Co-developed by Performance Center and Thompson/Center Arms for extreme long range shooting, the Performance Center T/C Long Range Rifle is built on an aluminum chassis stock and is available in popular long range shooting calibers: .243 Winchester,
Smith & Wesson Corp. today announced that it has added a short-barreled version to its M&P M2.0 Compact pistol series.  The newest in a series of additions to the M2.0 platform, the M&P M2.0 Compact 3.6″ pistols feature a 3.6″ barrel, the enhanced M2.0 feature set, and the magazine capacities of the M&P M2.0 Compact 4″ pistols. Jan Mladek, General Manager of Smith & Wesson and M&P brands, said, “When