ILA | Illinois: Champaign to Consider Banning Firearm & Ammunition Transfers

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The City of Champaign is holding an emergency meeting this morning to consider Council Bill No. 2020-022 granting extraordinary powers to the mayor following a declaration of an emergency. Among them is the power to ban transferring firearms and ammunition. This proposal will not only ban sales, but will also prohibit citizens from giving firearms or ammunition to family members, friends, and others in need of self-defense during times of emergency.

Please call City Council members and ask them not to grant the mayor the power to suspend your Second Amendment rights when they’re needed most during an emergency.

District 1: Clarissa Nickerson Fourman, 217-402-6743
District 2: Alicia Beck, 217-721-2850
District 3: Angie Brix, 217-714-1121
District 4: Greg Stock, 217-840-4444
District 5: Vanna Pianfetti, 217-417-2417
Deputy Mayor, At Large: Tom Bruno 217-328-6000
At Large: Will Kyles, 217-552-3625
At Large: Matthew Gladney, 217-355-1277

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