ILA | Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch Issues a Stern Rebuke of Jackson Mayor’s Ban on Open Carry

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Dear Mississippi NRA Member:

Pro-Second Amendment State Attorney General Lynn Fitch sent this sharply-worded letter to Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba on Sunday, April 26, just after he announced his emergency executive order restricting the open carry of firearms by law-abiding citizens within city limits through April 30.  We previously alerted on this order earlier today.

From General Fitch’s letter:

“Mississippians enjoy the right to lawfully open carry in all of Mississippi’s 82 counties and in every municipality within the State.  The City of Jackson is no exception.  The City lacks statutory authority to suspend a state statute or constitutional provision.  Accordingly, I ask that you rescind the Order immediately.  I take seriously my obligation to protect Mississippians’ constitutional rights, and I will take every action available to my office to ensure these rights are not infringed upon.”

NRA-ILA applauds General Fitch’s strong commitment to protecting our rights and for stepping up immediately to challenge such a blatant violation of those rights and of state law.  We will keep you posted as events unfold on this front in the Magnolia State.


NRA Institute for Legislative Action 

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