ILA | Arizona: Committee Hearing Bill to Prevent Discrimination Against Firearm Industry

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Tomorrow, the Senate Finance Committee will hear House Bill 2473, to discourage banks from discriminating against the firearm industry. Please use the Request to Speak application (RTS) on the Arizona State Legislature website to ask them to SUPPORT HB 2473. RTS is the most efficient and effective way to contact committee members regarding Second Amendment legislation. It is imperative that you create an account and continue utilizing this tool throughout the 2022 legislative session.

House Bill 2473 prohibits public entities from entering into contracts worth $100,000 or greater with businesses, unless they certify that they do not discriminate against firearm businesses. Anti-gun banks and their executives have expressed interest in denying services to the firearm industry as a way to further their political agenda and impose gun control by making such business impossible when legislatures won’t bend to their will. Banks should evaluate firearm businesses like any other business and consider financial risk, rather than ideology, in their decisions on providing services. This ensures that Arizona taxpayer money does not go to such businesses.

Again, please use the Request to Speak application (RTS) on the Arizona State Legislature website to ask the committee to SUPPORT HB 2473.

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