ILA | Alaska: House Committee to Consider Mandatory Gun Storage in the Home

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Next Tuesday, the House State Affairs Committee is scheduled to consider “safe storage” legislation, House Bill 203.  This measure is nothing more than an attempt to vilify gun owners for the criminal acts of others.  It is important that you please contact committee members and ask them to OPPOSE House Bill 203.

House Bill 203 gives law enforcement the ability to issue a fine to gun owners of up to $1,000 if a prohibited individual gains access to their firearm and proceeds to injure themself or another. This bill will essentially require firearms to be locked and rendered inaccessible for self-defense in the home. HB 203 is another attempt to punish law-abiding gun owners for the crimes of criminals, and current state law already provides an avenue for cases where true negligence with a firearm is present.

Again, please contact members of the House State Affairs Committee and ask them to OPPOSE House Bill 203.


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