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The New Jersey Senate plans to take a final vote on Monday on legislation that attacks concealed carry and completes weeks of scheming to do an end-run of this summer’s Bruen decision.  This brazen act of defiance is almost certain to initiate more litigation, as these lawmakers remain undeterred when it comes to advancing their own political agendas, even if that means ignoring the rule of law and their sworn oaths to defend the Constitution. 

The Assembly has already passed the companion bill to S.3214.  A.4769/S.3214 arbitrarily and drastically expands the number of places labeled as “sensitive places” where concealed carry is prohibited. 

In addition, the bill:

  • Drastically increases the cost of obtaining permits and credentials.
  • Expands the already-rigorous New Jersey training requirements.
  • Uses social media and online posts as grounds to deny permits.
  • Requires gun owners to acquire insurance, even though it is not known whether or not this type of insurance is even available or legal. 
  • Bans carry in one’s own car.
  • Bans carry on all private property unless the owner posts signage permitting it.
  • Expands the number of “sensitive places” to include arenas, parks, beaches, restaurants and theatres, among other public places.
  • Bans carry at public gatherings.
  • Denies carry permits utilizing subjective standards such as “temperament” and “character.”

Perhaps most offensively, it would create a special class of public officials who do not need a permit to carry, and these privileged individuals will be exempt from the no-carry zones.

The Senate will vote on S.3214 Monday, and NRA members should immediately contact their Senators, even if you have done so already.  While it may not change their reckless behavior, it does show them that gun owners are unified and paying attention, and we will continue to fight.  We know that our members have sent thousands of messages.  This advocacy has forced them to spend weeks amending the bill to give the appearance they are “fixing” the legislation.  Your continued opposition clearly communicates that there is nothing in this legislation that is good, and that we firmly believe that the United State Supreme Court got it right.  New Jersey has denied concealed carry for long enough, and it is time to let Garden State politicians know that concealed carry is here to stay!

Please contact your Senator immediately and respectfully ask them to oppose S.3214.​

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