ILA | Virginia: Fake 2A Group Attacks Speaker Todd Gilbert and Other Pro-2A Lawmakers

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A fake Second Amendment advocacy group is attacking pro-2A lawmakers, including A+ rated and endorsed Speaker Todd Gilbert. This desperate group has released multiple smear campaigns against pro-2A lawmakers while asking for donations. With no lobbying presence in Richmond or at the grassroots level, these groups instead focus on attacking pro-2A legislators, such as Speaker Gilbert, rather than fighting to restore Second Amendment freedoms in Virginia.

To set the record straight on the disingenuous ads, Speaker Gilbert has been a staunch supporter of 2A rights for Virginians since being elected to the House of Delegates in 2006. In 2017, he was the winner of NRA’s exclusive Defender of Freedom award. Under Del. Gilbert’s leadership, the House restored a pro-2A majority, including his election as Speaker of the House, and guided efforts to repeal much of the Northam gun scheme, including restoring preemption, and passing the first “red flagrepeal in the country. While these bills fell short in the anti-gun State Senate, his pro-2A qualifications are unquestionable.

Similar fake advocates have played the same type of dirty tricks in previous years. While falsely attacking pro-2A lawmakers and not mentioning the anti-gun majority in the Senate, it’s easy to understand why dishonest political actors would target gun owners. Firearm owners are a proven political force that have the power to sway elections. Well-informed gun rights supporters should work to ensure that their family, friends, and Second Amendment supporters know the truth about these ugly tactics before election day.

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