The Right Wing Not Only Rejects Gun Safety but Is a Part of the Escalation

Second Amendment

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The Right Wing Not Only Rejects Gun Safety, but It is also a Huge Part of its Escalation

Every time there is a large mass murder in America, Republicans act quickly. They offer their “thoughts and prayers,” but nothing else. Whenever the subject of gun safety and protecting the lives of the American people arises, they stand with their benefactor, the NRA gun lobby and hide behind the ambiguous and poorly written Second Amendment.

A Huge, Growing Problem, Ignored by Government and the Media

There are irrefutable statistics proving that the huge increase in gun violence in America is the direct result of right-wing extremism over the last ten years.

Several years ago FBI Director Christoper Wray declared that domestic terrorism was the greatest danger to the safety of all Americans. The fact that there have been more mass shootings than days on the calendar since 2018 proves his assertion.

The Anti-Defamation League’s study showed that the decade between 2010 and 2020 experienced three times more mass killings than at any other decade since 1970.

“The report, provided to The Associated Press ahead of its public release Thursday, also found that all extremist killings identified in 2022 were linked to right-wing extremism, with an especially high number linked to white supremacy.”

Mass shootings have become so commonplace most are not reported in newspapers or on television “news.”


“It is not an exaggeration to say that we live in an age of extremist mass killings,” the report from the group’s Center on Extremism says.

Hidden Facts You Should Know About Gun Safety

  • Just a few facts fake Republicans and the NRA don’t want you to know.
  • Each day 12 children die from gunshots in America, and another 32 are injured.
  • After Columbine in 1999, an additional 338,000 have experienced gun violence in their schools.
  • In 2022, 34 children and adults were killed in school shootings. More than 43,000 experienced gunfire while attending classes across America.
  • Children living in poverty, urban or rural, are more likely to experience gun violence than their more affluent counterparts.
  • About one out of five gay or lesbian children have been threatened with gun violence.
  • More than 200 children are killed or kill another child or adult each year, after gaining access to a loaded gun.

Approximately 40,000 Americans lose their lives each year from gunshots. Most are women and children. The killer is usually someone they knew intimately.

Literally, Anyone Can Gain Access to These Deadly Weapons

An important fact no one wants us to know. It is easier to purchase a military assault rifle than it is a six-pack of beer.

Doing the Right Thing Would not Violate the Second Amendment

Because the right wing and one of its owners, the NRA, hide behind the poorly written and wrongly interpreted Second Amendment, I call for its repeal, and a new more sensible, and realistic amendment written to replace an out-of-date paragraph which in no way applies to life in the 21st century.

Our dysfunctional government must get off its fat and useless derrieres and do the right thing. They have an obligation to secure the safety of all Americans.

Leaving Our Homes Presents a Risk to Our Lives

It is no longer safe to leave our homes. Handguns and military assault rifles must be banned. The only purpose for these weapons of mass destruction is to kill other human beings.

The 535 legislators and 9 Supreme Court Justices chosen to serve the needs of 331 million Americans and keep them safe have failed their basic responsibilities. Time to replace them all and require term limits for their replacements. As the humorist, Will Rogers said: “Be thankful we are not getting all the government we pay for.” This worthless group of ambitious men and women has proven themselves incapable of governing America.

By James Turnage

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Sandy Hook Promise: 17 Facts About Gun Violence And School Shootings

Daily Kos: U.S. mass killings linked to right-wing extremism spiked over last decade

Top and Featured Image Courtesy of Senate Democrats‘ Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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