Twitter reactions to Bette Midler gun control on Easter

Second Amendment

Hollywood actress Bette Midler weaponized the holy holiday of Easter to push a gun control narrative.

The Hollywood actress and singer went off on gun violence in a recent tweet.

On Easter Sunday, Midler ranted on Twitter, “On this most Holy Day in the Christian calendar, remember the slaughter of your own innocents in school shootings across America, and let this #Easter mark a #resurrection, for them and for your commitment to change. It’s your turn.”

She added a hashtag promoting the Mike Bloomberg-affiliated Moms Demand Action.

One Twitter user responded by saying, “The left is so unhinged. Let this Easter remind you that Jesus came to defeat evil like her. To bring about the awareness of a Good Father. But those who sow evil will be dealt with one day.”

Someone wrote, “Guns don’t kill people. Crazy, evil people kill people. Many lives could be saved if we trained good citizens to use guns safely to protect our children. Your “change” would disarm America and make it even less safe.”

Another social media user added, “I am praying for you and anyone who shares in your perspective.”

Another person labeled Midler as “repulsive” for weaponizing Easter to push an anti-gun agenda.

Midler has been a strong opponent of the Second Amendment and guns.

In January, Midler ranted that there were 36 mass shootings in the United States.

The anti-gun leftist celebrity railed against the Second Amendment in May 2022, and encouraged liberals to “come armed” to a protest against the National Rifle Association in Houston, Texas. The comment was made on the heels of the mass shooting at the elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.

In May 2022, Midler blamed the NRA for the death of children instead of accusing Planned Parenthood for killing unborn kids.

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