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Ex-President Donald Trump spoke at the NRA Leadership Forum in Indianapolis, Indiana, on Friday (Picture: Reuters)

Former President Donald Trump as the headline speaker at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention claimed that ‘Communist maniacs’ are seeking to take away guns and release ‘bloodthirsty criminals’.

Trump attacked Democrats at the NRA’s annual meeting at the Indiana Convention Center late afternoon on Friday.

‘Communist maniacs – they’re all over the place’ and ‘badly trying to destroy our country,’ said Trump.

Trump said ‘they want to take away our guns’ while opening the doors of jails and releasing ‘bloodthirsty criminals’ into American communities.

Ex-President Donald Trump attacked Democrats in his speech at the NRA annual convention (Credits: Reuters)

He added that ‘they want to demonize patriots and persecute Christians while pushing the transgender cult on our children’.

Trump called the mass shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville that killed three students and three adults a ‘monstrous attack’.


‘Today we salute the law enforcement heroes who ran into danger and took out that killer with speed and skill that made us all very, very proud,’ Trump said, drawing claps from NRA members.

‘It’s a scandal and a tragedy that year after year, Democrats in Washington continue to hold common sense school safety measures hostile to radical gun control (policies).’

Ex-President Donald Trump used much of his address at the NRA annual convention as a campaign speech (Credits: Reuters)

Trump said the only way to stop mass shooters is to ensure they know that ‘within seconds, they will face certain death’.

He used much of his address as a campaign speech, promising measures he would take if elected president in 2024.

Trump said he would see to it that legislation is passed to protect the absolute right to self defense. He also said he would ask Congress to send him a bill delivering national concealed carry reciprocity, that he would sign into law.

‘I will also create a new tax credit to reimburse any teacher for the full cost of a concealed-carry firearm and training from highly qualified experts,’ Trump said.

Ex-President Donald Trump spoke at the NRA’s annual convention a day after sitting for a deposition in a civil fraud case in New York (Credits: Reuters)

Trump took the opportunity to hit at Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, without calling him out by name. Just last week, Trump pleaded not guilty to 34 felony counts in Bragg’s investigation into his alleged role in a hush payment to porn star Stormy Daniels.

‘You can kill somebody… they’re out the next hour, two hours’, Trump said of Bragg’s policies.

Trump also called New York Attorney General Letitia James – whose office he was at on Thursday for about seven hours for a deposition – a ‘maniac’ who campaigned to ‘get’ him. James filed a $250million civil lawsuit alleging fraud by Trump, his three eldest children and the Trump Organization.

‘It’s persecution… just like her attacks on the NRA’, Trump said of James’ suit.

Trump claimed that Democrats have ‘5,000 prosecutors’ after him. He reiterated, without evidence, that Democrats are engaging in election interference.

The ex-president was seen earlier on Friday departing Trump Tower in Manhattan, where he sat for his second deposition in James’ case.

‘Will soon be leaving for Indianapolis to speak this evening before the Great Patriots of the NRA,’ Trump wrote on his Truth Social platform on Friday morning. ‘I look forward to it, and ALWAYS look forward to being in the Great State of Indiana!!!’

Trump spoke at the NRA convention after numerous conservative politicians including former Vice President Mike Pence. Pence was booed by some NRA members in the crowd despite seeking to move right of Trump on gun policy. Pence called for mass shooters to face ‘quick executions’.

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