Sununu’s heartless position on guns has cost him my vote

Second Amendment

I repeatedly voted to elect Christopher T. Sununu as governor of New Hampshire. However, his recent unconscionable, callous, inhumane, heartless categorization of the United States epidemic of gun violence as “the new normal” on his way to genuflecting before the despicable NRA convention has now irrevocably turned me against him.

It is clear that he is posturing for candidacy in the 2024 presidential primary at the expense of thoughtful and responsible service to his constituency. I shall never vote for him again for any office, and I encourage the same of all fellow citizens outraged by the growing epidemic of gun violence in the United States. 

Soon enough we will have returned to the Wild West days of our nation’s infancy when guns featured prominently as home “Rule of Law.”  We stand at an inflection point in our history that demands thorough reconsideration of the meaning/intent of the Second Amendment and moreover, serious reining in of the powerful NRA lobby. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the world looks on aghast at our impotency to control mass shootings. I urge all who are alarmed and heartbroken by mass shootings to join me in applying the power of the vote to enact meaningful change by removing from office all those who do not pass a simple litmus test of support for strict universal gun control.

There is simply no rational reason for weapons of mass destruction in a civilized society.

Clinton Frederick Miller II MD of Rye is a former chief of staff at Portsmouth Regional Hospital.

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