DeSantis won over this Broward voter


One aspect I support about Gov. Ron DeSantis is that he is steadfast in his principles, even though I disagree with him on certain decisions.

Too many politicians are hypocrites. It’s not intentional. They say whatever they need to say to get elected, not what they truly believe. Too many politicians focus on their re-election. So while I voted for DeSantis, and agree and disagree with his decisions, I like knowing his true identity on an issue.

As far as the Sun Sentinel receiving mostly critical letters of the governor from readers, one must never forget how our area voted, and ask: “What would their guy (Charlie Crist) be doing if he got elected and was similarly bombarded with criticism every step of the way?” It’s a fair question.

I subscribe to the Sun Sentinel to be open-minded to many opinions with which I disagree, but I am receptive to listening. That has always been my way. Are others also open-minded, or is it easier to be endlessly critical of policies supported by many throughout the state?

Brian Javeline, Coral Springs

Oppression and repression

If DeSantis runs for president, I hope women who vote in Florida remember who took away their right to have an abortion after six weeks. This demagogue also is taking away (or trying to) the right to learn about racial history in schools, banning certain books from school libraries, lowering the age for people to carry concealed guns in this state (by signing HB 543) and eliminating qualifications for carrying guns.

He continues to fight with Disney, an American icon, and his repressive actions have no end. Yet he hasn’t said a word about the recent rise in antisemitic incidents in South Florida. Because of DeSantis’ right-wing actions, Florida has become the joke of American freedom and his agenda is anti-American.

Republicans are on the side of oppression and repression in every phase of life using religion, which has no place in government, to make decisions regarding a woman’s right to decide what to do with her own body; sided with the NRA in refusing to ban assault rifles, even though our children keep dying in our schools; and using the Republican-run Supreme Court to decide issues that we know will be in favor of politicians like DeSantis. Free-thinking women in Florida and all over this country should take note and vote out any politician who does not stand for their beliefs in the next elections. We have the power!

Rosanne Gordon, Boca Raton

The rich get richer in office

Both Democrats and Republicans in Congress have recently sold stocks after receiving insider information on the banking industry, yet U.S. Rep. Jared Moskowitz says there should be no prohibition on members of Congress managing their own investments because it would mean “less and less” good people would serve. Give me a break.

Look at the net worth of politicians before they run for office and after they leave office. Rules that prevent politicians from financially benefiting from their service should be enacted, but we all know Congress can’t do much except investigate their political enemies.

Sen. Charles Grassley R-Iowa, is 89 years old, and was elected to his eighth term in the Senate in 2022.
Sen. Charles Grassley R-Iowa, is 89 years old, and was elected to his eighth term in the Senate in 2022.

The people who make up Congress are a pitiful bunch indeed. Many are old white people way past their expiration date. Yet they are hanging on by their fingernails in order to maintain power. Mitch McConnell, Dianne Feinstein, Charles Grassley — do you hear us? It’s no wonder Congress and the Supreme Court have such low approval ratings. Neither cares what the majority of Americans want, especially on abortion rights and gun control.

I’m firmly of the opinion that change will only come from the ground up, not from the top, and young people will lead the way.

Emogene Keffer, Plantation

Just too many guns

The brutality of assault weapons in the U.S. must end. There are 20 million assault weapons in this country. They should be in the hands only of the military and the police. DeSantis has given permission for anyone to carry a gun almost anywhere. In Florida, we are now the Wild West, where churches, synagogues, schools and roadways are killing fields.

I’m not opposed to the Second Amendment. But I plead for protection of our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Nelson Hershman, Boynton Beach

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