‘They Don’t Wanna Touch My Case’: Kyle Rittenhouse Discusses Lack of NRA Support with Tucker Carlson

Second Amendment


During the interview, Carlson questioned Rittenhouse about the support, or lack thereof, from the NRA, an organization known for its defense of the Second Amendment and self-defense rights. Rittenhouse confirmed that the NRA did not involve itself in either his criminal or civil lawsuits, instead, he received significant support from the National Association for Gun Rights, which aided in his legal expenses.

Rittenhouse, now 20, spoke about his family’s financial struggles due to the legal proceedings and highlighted the National Association for Gun Rights’ role in managing some of these burdens. He also mentioned his current employment status, working a regular job to support himself.

The conversation also covered Rittenhouse’s disrupted college plans and his perspective on the financial successes of Black Lives Matter (BLM) leaders. He expressed his confusion and concern over the financial benefits gained by individuals associated with violent activities.

Gage Grosskreutz, the only surviving individual Rittenhouse shot, has sued Rittenhouse and state officials in Wisconsin. The lawsuit claims emotional distress, humiliation, and other damages. Rittenhouse commented on this lawsuit, suggesting its intention to impose financial strain on those who defend themselves legally.

For more information, please refer to the original articles on Daily Caller and Fox News.

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