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Second Amendment

As a lifelong conservative, I support local control. The best government is the government closest to the people —the neighbors you will see at the grocery store, at the football game, at church on Sunday.

Still, American citizens have some rights which are simply too precious to be left to chance. The right to life, our right of free speech and assembly, and of course, our right to bear arms are among these.

In some communities with liberal anti-gun councils, there has been an effort to pass ordinances which would force residents to obtain liability insurance coverage for privately-owned firearms. This would create a mandate where Americans would effectively be registering their guns with the local government.

In 2021, HB 1927, also known as “Constitutional Carry,” removed the requirement for Texans over 21 years of age to register for a permit in order to carry a firearm. The Texas Legislature passed the bill with an overwhelming majority and it is the law of the land today. We cannot allow local entities to try to circumvent our freedoms secured by state law and the United States Constitution. While I don’t believe any city within Denton County has attempted this kind of unconstitutional ordinance, we must ensure all areas of the state, where we visit and conduct business, respect our right to keep and bear arms now and into the future.

I am a lifetime NRA member and was raised in a family of hunters and sportsmen. I was proud to co-author House Bill 3137 by Rep. Carrie Isaac, which prevents local municipalities from restricting the 2nd Amendment rights of Texans by forcing them to get liability insurance for their own privately-owned firearms.

In the Texas Legislature, I have demonstrated that I will not stand by and watch our constitutional rights be eroded. That is why I received an “A Rating” from the NRA and was just endorsed by the NRA for re-election.

It is the responsibility of conservative Texas legislators to stay vigilant for ways that dangerous liberal policies might impact all Texans by creeping into municipal or state statute to become permanent law.

Thank you, as always, for the privilege and opportunity to serve you and your family. Please don’t hesitate to contact my office at any time we can be of service. You can call our office at (940) 240-0083, or feel free to reach out via our website.

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