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The Jan. 9, 2024 edition of The Alpena News contained an editorial by Tim Skubick titled, “Gov. backs assault weapons ban.”

Skubick quotes Gov. Gretchen Whitmer as saying a ban on modern sporting rifles (MSRs) “… would be the right thing to do.” Whitmer further is quoted by Skubick saying, “I do think that weapons of war do not make sense for sale to the average persons in the public. I do have a problem with that …”

Gretch and her Democrat cabal are on a crusade to disarm average citizens by passing laws that will not affect the criminal element but will only put layers of red tape on law-abiding citizens. The AR-15 rifle is not a “weapon of war.” It was never used by the military. It is a semi-automatic rifle, unlike the M-16 and CAR-15 fully automatic versions.

Fifty-three of 83 Michigan counties have declared themselves as “Second Amendment Sanctuary or Constitutional Rights” counties. Skubick, however, appears to think “supposed” NRA members and other gun owners who “live Up North” are bumpkins that must be suffered with when the Lansing crowd wants to go on vacation.

Skubick delights in the troubles of the NRA and feels firearm owners and organizations are on the ropes. NRA members are largely happy to see the corrupt Wayne LaPierre being shown the door and look forward to a revitalized NRA. In the meantime, the Gun Owners of America, the Second Amendment Foundation, and the Firearms Policy Coalition, and other groups stand ready to protect our Second Amendment rights.

Those of you that do not own MSRs beware. The Democrats act in an incremental manner. It won’t be long until they classify your deer rifle as a “sniper rifle” and want to restrict ownership of them due to their “high power” and “long range.”


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