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Second Amendment

Which important issues were supported by your state representative and state senator:

Help low-income people feed their families, or help pay state administrators high salaries? 

Support the state economy with business growth, or refuse state’s partnership with any company that supports gun control? 


Fully fund education for all children of Iowa, or cut money from public schools and use it for private, unregulated education? 

Invite the community to set teacher requirements and expectations, or remove licensure requirements for librarians and lower standards for teachers so legislators have easier control over schools? 

Invite the community to determine curriculum requirements for schools, or turn our schools over to the NRA to encourage gun sales? 

Finance safe school buildings and staff training, or turn parking lots, busses, hallways into possible shooting galleries? 

Stop the sales of high-capacity magazines and ability to buy multiple guns and assault rifles, or mis-interpret the meaning of Second Amendment to protect any and all weapons of destruction? 

Protect children from dangerous, inappropriate working conditions, or reduce child labor laws putting children at greater risk of abuse? 

Empower human beings to determine their own body’s needs, or make laws that give gov’t power to over-ride medical care?

These are only some of the life changing decisions our elected leaders have made for us. What did your vote do? Go to (Senate votes) or (House votes). Find the bills that have been voted on and check to see what your elected lawmaker is doing. Ask yourself, “Is this my Iowa?” 

If you believe in common sense, democratic, intelligent decision making, not authoritarianism, then it is time to think about who is in Des Moines running OUR state government.


Jeanine Redlinger

Lone Tree

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