SC Rep. Stewart Jones announces campaign for Congress

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LAURENS, S.C. (FOX Carolina) – Republican State Representative Stewart Jones announced his campaign to represent South Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District in Washington on Monday.

He is the eighth-generation native of South Carolina who is fighting to preserve liberty as a Republican member of the SC Freedom Caucus. Jones is a member of the National Rifle Association and serves on the Board of Directors for the Upstate Pregnancy Center.

Rep. Jones said he plans to combat President Biden’s open border policies, curb government spending and protect freedom.

South Carolina needs an America First fighter in Congress who will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with strong conservatives and President Trump to stop the Democrats’ disastrous agenda.

In Congress, I will fight for the people. We must rein in the Swamp that dictates too many parts of our lives. It starts with insisting on balanced budgets, reducing wasteful spending, and unleashing Americans to live up to their God-given potential.

America’s struggling middle class needs the jobs that were sold out with bad trade deals. In Congress, I’ll put America First and work to extend the Trump tax cuts.

Under Joe Biden and the Democrats, too many Americans are left behind. That includes the thousands of Americans lost yearly to fentanyl and open border-related crimes.

Just last year, my three-year-old Goddaughter died due to the reckless driving of an illegal immigrant. Grief-stricken, we helplessly watched as she was loaded into an ambulance.

Despite being deported under President Trump, this illegal immigrant was allowed to re-enter the country under Joe Biden. I cannot sit idly by in these dark days while Joe Biden and the Democrats refuse to close our southern border that, if left open, will result in the deaths of more innocent Americans.

It’s also time to end the scourge of Chinese fentanyl. 112,000 Americans died of a drug overdose last year. Our country is blessed with awe-inspiring power, yet under Biden and the Democrats, the White House refuses to address a crisis that is killing scores each day with no end in sight.

I have a proven record of taking on Joe Biden’s administration and winning. In the South Carolina General Assembly, I worked constructively with all legislators to defeat Biden’s Covid vaccine mandate. We also worked hard to rein in wasteful spending, enshrine 2nd Amendment protections, and defend every unborn life. I’ll do the same in Congress.

We must bring honor back to Washington. Woke Democrats, weak Republicans, and their enablers continue to make a mockery of conservative values. Enough is enough.

I will faithfully serve CD-3 and defend freedom, so help me God. I humbly ask for your support in the June 11th Republican Primary.

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