Trump Pledges to Revoke Biden’s Gun Restrictions if Re-elected

Second Amendment

Former President Donald Trump, who is currently leading the pack for the 2024 presidential race, made a bold promise on Friday to undo all the gun restrictions put in place by President Joe Biden if he wins a second term.

Addressing a massive crowd gathered at an event organized by the National Rifle Association (NRA), Trump reiterated his commitment to the Second Amendment and pledged to overturn regulations imposed by the Biden administration. Specifically, he highlighted his intention to reverse the rule limiting sales of pistol braces and other measures that he deemed restrictive to gun owners.

In his impassioned speech at the Great American Outdoor show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Trump assured his supporters that he would act swiftly upon returning to office, aiming to revoke every policy perceived as an attack on gun rights within his first week, possibly even his first day.

The NRA, a staunch supporter of Trump during his previous campaign and throughout his presidency, has consistently advocated for pro-gun policies. Trump’s alignment with the organization has been evident, with his administration implementing measures favored by the gun lobby, such as designating firearm shops as essential businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recognizing the significance of conservative gun owners in his electoral base, Trump has actively courted their support. He emphasized his steadfast defense of Second Amendment rights during his previous term and boasted about resisting pressure to enact stricter gun control measures.

With the 2024 presidential race heating up, Trump’s promise to repeal Biden’s gun restrictions underscores the importance of gun policy in American politics and sets the stage for a contentious debate over Second Amendment rights in the upcoming election.

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