At NRA Forum, Donald Trump Vows Unwavering Support For Gun Rights If Elected: ‘No One Will Lay A Finger On Your Firearms’

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At the National Rife Association’s Presidential Forum in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on Friday, former President Donald Trump made a bold promise to NRA members, ensuring that under his presidency, “no one will lay a finger on your firearms.”

This pledge comes as a direct opposition to the current Biden administration’s gun control policies, which Trump vows to dismantle should he return to office.

Trump’s commitment to rolling back gun restrictions includes the Biden administration’s “Zero-Tolerance” policy, which revokes federal licenses from firearm dealers violating gun laws, and regulations on pistol braces.

These braces, which have been used in several gun massacres, would no longer be under such strict scrutiny.

Trump’s speech at the NRA event not only focused on gun rights but also touched upon broader issues such as crime and undocumented immigration, signaling his campaign’s broader appeal beyond gun enthusiasts.

Despite the NRA’s recent challenges, including internal strife and legal battles, Trump’s alignment with the organization remains strong, reported Politico. 

With the South Carolina primary approaching, Trump confidently predicted victory, citing a significant lead over his primary competitor, Nikki Haley.

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His presidency saw significant support for gun rights, including declaring gun stores and manufacturers as essential services during the pandemic and appointing judges with conservative records on Second Amendment rights. However, Trump’s administration also saw the banning of bump stocks, a move that was at odds with the NRA’s stance.

Trump also took the opportunity to comment on a recent report by Special Counsel Robert Hur on President Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents.

Trump argued that the lack of charges against Biden should equally apply to him, framing the situation as “selective persecution” of a political opponent. This statement underscores Trump’s ongoing narrative of being unfairly targeted by the justice system.

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