Want to solve the violent shootings problem in Chicago? Let law-abiding citizens defend themselves with concealed carry

Liberals have always been extremely confused when it comes to firearms and the Second Amendment. They seem to think that the right to bear arms as outlined in the United States Constitution is somehow connected to gun crimes in this country, and that if it weren’t for the Second Amendment, our country as a whole would be a much safer place. (Related: Remember when Obama demanded that congress pass a law denying Second Amendment rights to anyone the government put on a list?) Based on this logic, Chicago should resemble Heaven on Earth. After all, the radical left wing politicians that run the city have all but banned individual firearm ownership, so Chicago should look like a clean, peaceful Utopian society, right?

Not exactly.

As the Daily Caller reported last month, over 50 people were shot and killed on Father’s Day alone, including 13 who were shot in a three-hour period. One of the victims on this day was a 16-year-old boy who was killed by a man driving by inside a car. Another victim, 25-year-old Raven Lemons, was shot multiple times while standing outside next to her friend. She died at a local hospital shortly after.

As of June 18, there had been an astonishing 1,500 people shot since the beginning of the year and a total of 279 homicides. Many of these people who are being killed are young kids in their teens and twenties. It would take some time, but all of this gun violence could be solved if the liberals who run Chicago embraced the Second Amendment and allowed law-abiding citizens to defend themselves with firearms. Sadly, the left continues to go in the opposite direction.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Illinois Democrats were considering new legislation that would implement more fees and regulations for licensed gun dealers in Chicago. According to the National Rifle Association, SB 1657 “would create onerous mandatory regulations, fees potentially in the thousands of dollars and excessive amounts of red tape that would almost assuredly force the closure of many firearm dealers, and prevent prospective owners from opening new ones.”

So are more laws on top of numerous existing firearm regulations the answer to Chicago’s gun violence problem? Does it make sense to target licensed gun dealers and law-abiding citizens who are looking to practice their Second Amendment rights to bear arms? Of course not, because it’s not licensed gun dealers and law-abiding citizens who are taking to the streets and killing innocent people; its criminals who do not follow the law in the first place.

According to a survey conducted in 2015 by the University of Chicago Crime Lab, very few Chicago criminals are obtaining their firearms at gun shows, through the Internet or at licensed gun stores. A series of interviews with 100 detainees at Cook County Jail revealed that most criminals are actually obtaining firearms through personal connections because they fear for their own personal safety. In other words, they are not obtaining them legally, but rather illegally. That being said, how does it make sense to enact legislation that targets those who are legally acquiring guns for self-defense?

If Rahm Emanuel and his team of left wing politicians were serious about decreasing the homicide rate in their city, they would unleash the Second Amendment, not restrict it. The liberals may not feel comfortable with the reality of individual gun ownership in America, but the truth is that when more people are legally allowed to obtain firearms for personal protection, violent crime is generally kept to a minimum. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that proves this to be true, but until the politicians in Chicago accept the fact that guns are an effective tool for self-defense, the city will continue to fall apart.

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  1. The only reason the hypocritical left wing socialists are calling for gun confiscation, is because they know who they will be targeting, it’s the white middle-class-Christian men! They can just go pick everyone up and take them to FEMA camps! There is evil so destructive, and massive, and brutal, heading our way, it’s the Godless, NWO that will transform into a One-World-Government! They can’t say that right now because we are armed citizens! The 2nd Amendment was written to protect citizens from a tyrannical Government! The only reason we have a democracy is because of our weapons! If we weren’t armed, Obama would be a dictator, and it’s coming, when we bow down to the NWO and lose our gun rights, The United States will be a chaotic freak show and we will be in camps where we will either accept the 666 or die! It isn’t very far away! President Trumps election was about one factor, that was moving the capitol of Israel to Jerusalem! Had President Trump not been elected, it wouldn’t have happened, and one thing men can’t control, and that is Gods Will.

  2. All of you non-believers out there have been turned over to reprobate minds, you are full of hate, and violence! You just wait and see when God removes his spirit from the world, men will have no consequences and everyone will be like rabid wolves, murder, violent rape, it’s already happened to the Islamic world! (ISSIS fighters met a pregnant woman walking in Iraq, they stopped her, cut her unborn child from her womb, and raped the infant, then the woman, they left them to die, but the mother lived, to tell her story of the rabid wolves aka ISSIS!) those of you who think this isn’t a religious fight, you need to ask Iranians! Soon the rapture of the church will take place, the earth will give up its dead, and the sea will give up its dead, and the living Christians will be taken up in the twinkling of an eye, there will be two working together, one will be taken, the other left behind! Planes will crash, cars, trains, boats, motorcycles too, it will be an enormous event with many people that know the truth, but refused to heed the signs! But it is written in the Word of God, John 3:16 explains it so that an imbecile can understand it, even democrats, and Muslims!

  3. Obama, Clinton and other criminal, crybaby Demwits love to seem to advocate the obvious. No one wants mentally-ill whackos to be able to buy guns (or even own any), right? Just one problem. Who defines “mental illness?” The traitor from Kenya, Obama, said that all white people are mentally ill. His goal was to disarm whites and only allow negroes (CRIMINAL negroes, of course) the right to carry & use “the tools of their trade.” Because, after all, it’s hard to rob, rape & kill whites if negroes can’t own guns.
    The Demwits MUST understand that BY DEFINITION, criminals disregard ALL laws…espeiclally any “gun control” laws.

  4. The bad guys do not care about gun laws, the good guys get theirs taken away. The perfect formula for killing fields!

  5. It’s a shame that people of Chicago are being ruled by a complete idiot, an evil little 9-1/2 fingered satanic imp, Rahm Emmanuel. His arrogance is unwarranted and that makes him a narcissistic fool. Chicago has been an embarrassment for Illinois residents for a long time, Chicago is a crime ridden city with an inadequate municipal government! They are in debt, and they don’t put any value on life! Oh they say a lot of things to fool simple-minded people, to stay in office where they can continue to manipulate the ignorant and expand their base! The mayor of Chicago isn’t necessarily and ignorant person, he is evil, savvy, sick minded, and full of Satan! I am surprised that all of the cities in the state of Illinois leaders haven’t all come together to fight the progressive, liberal, socialist, regime! It’s high time we started randomly, drug-screening government officials! Rahm,like his pal Barrack, really enjoy their drugs of choice, marijuana and cocaine! Typical hood rats all grown up, and still weak!

  6. As long as there are cities completely run by anti-gun “progressive” DEMOCOMMIES/RINOS, there will ALWAYS be killings because the DEMOCOMMIES/RINOS WANT their CRIMINAL “friends” protected, from we “EVIL” LAW-ABIDING GUN OWNERS. That way they can continue their “drug pushing”, burglary, rape, and “turf wars” without any “interference” by We “gun toting”, “Bible loving”, FREEDOM LOVING “conservatives”.

  7. It’s nice to know that liberal politicians are willing subject more American citizens to the will of the criminal element, with the notion that more laws will keep guns out of their hands. Americans need to understand that criminals don’t buy their guns at Wal-Mart or Cabela’s. Law abiding citizens go through all of the paperwork and background checks to aquire firearms, criminals more often than not steal them or trade drugs or drug money for them. Criminals use firearms to take whatever they want from their victims, including the victims life. Maybe if the politicians placed themselves in the victims shoes, they may get a different perspective on their ideas of gun control. And maybe, if the criminal was put on the other end of that firearm, they may not want to harm the finger on that trigger. Bottom line, open your eyes to what is happening in the real world and stop trying to legislate our safety from your sterile little world.

  8. It seems that legal firearms, are blamed for all the gun violence not. Guns are not the problem, it is the criminals and deranged people who use them indiscriminately is the problem. While I worked for the DOC I saw inmates who were charged with posesion of illegal firearms released after 6 months. Federal law is posesion of illegal firearm is 5 years. Anyone who uses a firearm illegaly should be charged with attempted murder. If sevear penalties follow gun crimes it will eventually reduce gun misuse.
    Punishing the law abiding citizen for gun violence will not reduce gun violence.

  9. No concealed carry it is hidden then put the gun right out there where everybody can see it like the wild west once was then if somebody wants to mess with you well you no what to do. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people and if they ever take away our guns people will still kill people with knives and swords and clubs and the old time favorite a ROCK bashed against your pumpkin Head!

  10. Yes the problem could be solved to some degree if the liberals who run Chicago embraced the Second Amendment and allowed law-abiding citizens to defend themselves with firearms. Sadly, the left continues to go in the opposite direction.

    That is so true but it goes even farther. The left even refuses to look at what happened in other places when constitutional (concealed carry without a permit) carry was initiated. We here in the Phoenix valley did not have the extreme problem Chicago has but we did have a problem with car jacking and kidnapping a few years back. The valley was quickly becoming the kidnapping capital of the US. Here in Arizona it has always been legal to carry a gun openly but to carry one concealed required a concealed carry permit. However, it was thought if everyone could carry legally without a permit it would make kidnapping and car jacking much more dangerous for the perpetrators of the crime. So constitutional carry was passed and signed into law. Almost immediately crime started down.

    The reason is not that everyone must carry a gun. The reason is because everyone CAN carry a gun legibly! Every crook, robber or thief’s job just got very much harder. Every time they tried something they risked losing their life. Yes that changed things.

    Those in charge in Chicago do not realize several things. Gun restrictive laws only effect the law abiding citizen. For some reason they either can’t comprehend that or they refuse to listen to reason. Perhaps they desire to protect the criminal because that is exactly what restrictive gun laws do. Law abiding citizens when armed can and do assist the police (happens everyday). Law abiding citizens save lives everyday it just is not news worthy to the news outlets. When the everyday citizen is armed the crooks go other places where it is not quite so dangerous to rob, steal and murder. So far it looks like Chicago is where they go!

  11. Although I do most certainly support right-to-carry laws and gun rights in general, I don’t see how legal carry might solve the problem with violent shootings in Chicago.
    There, most prominently but also in other cities, violent shootings do not affect law-abiding citizens so much as they do criminals.
    In other words, while there are – in a perfect world – an unacceptable number of injuries and deaths caused by guns in Chicago, most of the victims are not innocents.
    In my estimation, they are just more idiots out of the gene pool.

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