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Trump 2020 communications director Tim Murtaugh is back with another statement, this time slamming Bernie Sanders for his remarks on the coronavirus outbreak.

The Vermont senator, still in the running to be the Democratic nominee to face Trump in November, followed frontrunner Joe Biden in speaking about the public health crisis.

In his remarks, delivered from Burlington in his home state, Sanders called on Trump to declare a national emergency and called on the nation to come together.

“If there ever was a time in the modern history of our country when we are all in this together,” he said, “this is that moment.”

Sanders also called for support for the most needy in American society “from a health perspective and an economic perspective” and renewed his call for Medicare for All healthcare reform.

The Trump 2020 response was predictably pugilistic, Murtaugh saying “Sanders is the wrong prescription for fighting an outbreak like the coronavirus” and claiming “a government takeover of healthcare” would leave “America woefully unprepared for public health emergencies”.

Many say the US is woefully unprepared for this emergency thanks to cuts by the Trump administration and a slow and chaotic official response so far.

Murtaugh also sounded a familiar note from a president who has sought to blame the virus on other countries, saying Sanders has “said he would not even consider closing our borders to protect our people, even if it were necessary to control the spread of the virus”.

Trump has banned travel from Europe – though not the UK and Ireland – and has claimed his southern border wall is needed to combat coronavirus, despite the virus having entered the US by other routes entirely.

Murtaugh concluded by saying Sanders was “just another Democrat candidate for president trying to score political points by recklessly provoking anxiety and fear”.

Again, Trump has been widely accused of seeking to use the outbreak to score political points himself.

Sanders’ remarks can be found in full on YouTube:

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