ILA | Maryland: Anti-Gun Lawmakers Shirk Constituents’ Well-Being in Favor of Gun Control

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While law-abiding citizens are preoccupied with keeping themselves and loved ones healthy, anti-gun legislators advanced unnecessary gun control legislation, House Bill 4.

Instead of using the time left in the shortened session to assure the well-being of their constituents, delegates hid behind closed doors and passed the long gun transfer ban without public input.  House Bill 4 now heads to the desk of Governor Larry Hogan for his consideration. 

House Bill 4 bans the sale or transfer of long guns between private individuals without first paying fees and obtaining government permission.  Firearm sales between friends, neighbors, or fellow hunters would not be exempted.  Research shows this proposal will have no impact on violent crime in Maryland.

This legislation is unenforceable and makes it more difficult for individuals to exercise their Second Amendment rights.  It is abhorrent that anti-gun legislators would use the current situation to secretly rush gun control policies to the Governor’s desk instead of upholding their duty to help prepare their constituents in a time of need.

Again, it is important that you contact Governor Larry Hogan at 410-974-3901 and ask him to stand with Maryland gun owners by VETOING House Bill 4.​


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