ILA | Illinois: Chenoa May Consider Restricting Second Amendment

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The City of Chenoa is holding a special meeting on March 19th to consider a Local State of Emergency Ordinance. Though details of this proposed ordinance are not yet available, it is possible that it will include the power to ban transfers of firearms and ammunition, similar to what the City of Champaign passed last week. Such proposals not only ban sales, but also prohibit citizens from giving firearms or ammunition to family members, friends, and others in need of self-defense during times of emergency.

Please call City Council members and ask them not to adopt any measure to suspend your Second Amendment rights when they’re needed most during an emergency.

Mayor Chris Wilder, 309-261-2256
Commissioner Kyle Buchanan, 815-848-3523
Commissioner Dwayne Price, 309 826-3933
Commissioner Lee Reinhart, 773-680-0620
Commissioner Chad Daiker, 309-531-4432

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