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The Wisconsin Conservation Congress needs to hear from you! Due to the COVID-19 crisis, they will be holding their annual spring meeting online, but you will still have an opportunity to make your voice heard regarding hunting and conservation issues. An online questionnaire will be open for 72 hours, starting 7PM tonight.

Please fill out the Wisconsin Conservation Congress’ questionnaire paying special attention to page 13. Click the button below to open the questionnaire.

What you need to know before filling out page 13:

  • NRA urges you to choose “NO” for questions 1 through 7 on page 13 (Banning the use of traditional ammunition on state owned or managed lands.) By choosing “NO” you are supporting the freedom of hunters to choose the ammunition best for them.
  • The use of traditional (lead) ammunition is currently under attack by many anti-hunting groups whose ultimate goal is to ban hunting. Traditional ammunition does not and has not negatively impacted wildlife populations in North America and is far more effective and affordable for American hunters.
  • Since 1991, traditional (lead) ammunition has been banned for use in hunting waterfowl by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Many states are looking to expand the ban of traditional ammunition—this survey is asking you whether lead ammunition should be banned outside of waterfowl hunting.
  • In the United States, wildlife experts do not manage wildlife based on single mortality incidents or emotions. Our country’s wildlife management practices are based on the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, which is widely recognized as the best in the world. For more than a century, wildlife in the United States has been successfully managed through this model and has led to an incredible restoration of multiple species while hunters have used traditional ammunition.

Please stay tuned to and your email inbox for further updates on our Second Amendment rights and hunting heritage.


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