ILA | Minnesota: Shooting Ranges and Game Farms Will Reopen Following Recent Executive Order

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Shooting ranges and game farms will be allowed to reopen tomorrow following the issuance of Governor Tim Walz’s Executive Order to lessen restrictions on outdoor recreation.  Thankfully, this order also loosens restrictions on hunting and fishing, allowing Minnesota citizens to once again take to the field and resume enjoying America’s oldest traditions.

Today’s order comes in response to a public outcry from sportsmen and lawmakers in the North Star State asking the Governor to reopen these important businesses.  Shooting ranges had previously been forced to close by the Governor’s “Stay at Home” order which didn’t deem them as “essential businesses.”

All facilities will be allowed to reopen at 5:00am Saturday, and will be required to follow social distancing guidelines.

Your NRA-ILA will continue to keep you updated on this and other Second Amendment related issues in Minnesota!​

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