ILA | California: 9th Circuit Issues Stay, Reinstating Ammo Restrictions

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Late Friday night (9:46pm), the following order came out from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, granting a temporary stay on the injunction issued on Thursday, April 24, in the NRA funded case of Rhode v. Becerra. This means that the same restrictions that have been previously in effect regarding ammunition in California are back for the time being, pending further order from the court. 


April 23 – 9th Circuit District Court grants preliminary injunction, suspending ammunition restrictions.

April 24 – Friday morning, California Attorney General (state) seeks stay on the injunction order, requesting a decision by 3pm Friday.

April 24 – Friday afternoon, 9th Circuit District Court denies the state’s motion for stay on the preliminary injunction.

April 24 – Friday afternoon, state files notice of interlocutory appeal

April 24 – Friday evening, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals grants the state’s emergency motion for a stay, pending further court order. 


United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Notice of Docket Activity

The following transaction was entered on 04/24/2020 at 9:46:59 PM PDT and filed on 04/24/2020

Case Name:

Kim Rhode, et al v. Xavier Becerra

Case Number:  




Docket Text:

Filed order (MARY H. MURGUIA and MARK J. BENNETT): The court has received appellant’s emergency motion for a stay. The request for an immediate administrative stay is granted. The district court’s April 23, 2020 preliminary injunction order is temporarily stayed pending further court order. The court will address the emergency stay motion by separate order. [11671654] (AF) 

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