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Second Amendment

There’s no shortage of examples of our garbage media at work, but now and then a few examples start to pile up to the point it trips my annoyance threshold.

Take this Vox story for example:

How the NRA went from a marksmanship group to a controversial political powerhouse

. . . Today, the organization, which has more than five million members, looks nothing like the original group, which long supported gun control and was one of the greatest proponents of the wildlife conservation movement.

Gee—I wonder whether the left’s fetish for banning private ownership of guns and gutting the Second Amendment has anything to do with the NRA becoming “controversial”? Of course, keep in mind that when the mainstream media says “controversial,” it is code for “opinions we don’t like.” Seems ironic to use that term for the largest civil rights organization in the country, but never for the much smaller “civil rights” rackets run by Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.

Here’s a headline we’ll never see in Vox or anywhere else in the mainstream media:

How the Sierra Club went from a hiking and conservation group to a controversial radical political pressure powerhouse

I suggest this parallel copy:

. . . Today, the organization, which has more than a million members, looks nothing like the original group, which long supported nuclear power and was a proponent of hydroelectric dams.

Not. Gonna. Happen. Never.

Next, look very closely at these two headlines from The Guardian. They may look alike, but there’s one big difference:

In other words, here’s one media pandemic that isn’t going away. (Nice to see The Guardian practicing recycling, though.)

Finally, the folks at Bored Panda (which a great name for a site, by the way) offer us an expose of how the media has distorted the supposed lack of social distancing by their photo choices, which is one of the oldest tricks in the media playbook, but which is especially egregious just now:

OMG! Everyone’s going to get sick!

OMG! Everyone’s going to catch the virus!

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