Reader’s View: Churches are becoming too political

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Born during the Harry Turman years, I have experienced 14 presidents from both parties. I am an independent voter with no political party or religious belief maintaining control of my mind.

I’ve shown respect for 13 presidents, whether I’ve agreed with their policies or not, as they were acting in the interest of Americans, Democratic or Republican.

We now have a leader who on an almost-daily basis tells off the press, demonizes Democrats, and divides Americans.

In my opinion, two things brought us this former Democrat who, like a fox, figured out how to command this country.

One is the NRA misleading gun owners into fearing for the loss of their firearms to the government, even though we Americans out-gun the military and law enforcement by 300-to-1.

And two, I hold many churches responsible for cultivating parishioners’ minds to vote only pro-life candidates into office over one commandment: “thou shalt not kill.” It is not the ministers calling to divide faithfully tithing Democrats to feel as though Christianity only belongs to Republicans.


Perhaps the clergy should speak on the six things listed in Proverbs that God hates and the seven that are an abomination to him. The lists include “a proud look,” “lying,” “hands that shed innocent blood,” “a heart that (diveses) wicked imagination,” “feet that be swift running to mischief,” “a false witness that speaketh lies,” and “he that soweth discord among brethren.”

Perhaps clergy men and women can explain to their sheep why their thought process seems to “trump” God’s.

The Christian Coalition lost its tax-exempt status in 1999 for becoming too politically involved by placing voter guides. Perhaps it’s time to look at other churches becoming too political as well.

Tim Kaspari


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