Jacobs given “A” rating from gun group

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June 17, 2020 – 4:51pm

Press release:

Congressional Candidate Chris Jacobs (NY-27) was given an A rating from the Gun Owners of America New York (GOANYS) following a vote by members at its recent meeting, and an A+ Rating from the Second Amendment Show.

“We do not hand out A Ratings lightly to candidates. However, Chris Jacobs’ record of fighting against the unconstitutional SAFE Act and fighting for privacy rights of pistol permit holders as County Clerk, and his voting record against red flag laws and SAFE Act expansion made this decision very easy,” GOANYS Communications Director Bill Robinson said. “Chris has a strong record of defending the Second Amendment, and we have the fullest confidence that he will uphold this commitment to our constitutional rights in Congress. Andrew Cuomo has ravaged our rights in New York for too long and we look forward to having a Congressman who will fight back.”

The A Rating from GOANYS and the A+ Rating from the Second Amendment Show are the most recent shows of support Chris Jacobs has received from the Second Amendment community. He has also received the endorsement of the National Rifle Association (NRA) for his record of defending the Second Amendment.

“I am honored to have received an A rating from Gun Owners of America New York and an A+ rating from the Second Amendment Show. I have always taken the responsibility of defending the Second Amendment extremely seriously, and I am fully committed to continuing this record of defending and protecting our constitutional rights in Congress. I urge everyone to get out and vote on June 23rd so we can ensure Western New York has a Congressman who will respect, protect, and defend the Second Amendment,” Jacobs said.

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